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Irina Sharipova: “I had a presentiment that I would enter the top 25 at the Miss World contest"


Representatives of the Miss Tatarstan organization believe that Irina Sharipova entered the top 10 best contestants. “I had a presentiment that I would enter the top 25 at the Miss World 2010 contest,” Irina Sharipova said today at a press conference held at the Republican Agency for Press and Mass Communications. It was also attended by the president of the public organization "Miss Tatarstan" Izolda Sakharova and fashion designer Yekaterina Tonyushkina.


Recall that 18-year-old Irina Sharipova from Tatarstan represented Russia at the Miss World 2010 contest , which was held in China on October 30, where she entered the top 25. Prior to that, she won the titles "Miss Tatarstan-2010", "First Vice-Miss Russia-2010".

“We believe that Irina entered the top 10 of the best contestants, since she was the third in the top 25 by the priorities of the jury members,” said Izolda Sakharova.

In her opinion, Irina Sharipova adequately represented Russia and, of course, Tatarstan. After all, a beauty from the Apastovsky district appeared before the jury in two Tatar national costumes at once and was highly appreciated by the masters of the world of beauty.

“When all the contestants came out in national costumes, many were in the back rows, while I was in the first row with the representatives of India and Brazil,” I. Sharipova said.

Her final appearance in a blue dress from designer Yekaterina Tonyushkina was also memorable. 14 meters of chiffon were used, as well as designer fabric from Armani - natural silk, all of which were decorated with 2 thousand Swarovski crystals.

“This dress was made with the expectation of winning, the Miss World crown was also in blue  and we tried it on ourselves,” Sakharova noted. “We are glad that everything happened this way, we made a lot of efforts to sound at the most important competition in the world”. She added that they disagreed with the opinion of the members of the jury of the competition, but this opinion, according to her, "is not discussed, as it is trustworthy."


We have already talked about the fact that Irina Sharipova was left without connection at the competition . As it turned out, she left her phone, a flash drive and photographs in the car, which took her to participate in regular events.

“Moreover, even the Internet was turned off for me, as it turned out that the social network Facebook was banned in China. I had to turn to the organizers of the competition for help. They found out what kind of car it was, but it was not possible to return my things, ”the Tatarstan beauty explained the situation.

In general, she admitted that she was very calm on stage during the final of the competition. “Inside I felt that I would enter the top 25, also because before that I had already taken second place in the“ Top Model ”intermediate competition. The jury made its choice, and this opinion is not discussed, ”Sharipova emphasized.

Now the young beauty plans to travel, study and build career , because there are already more than enough tempting offers from world modeling agencies. 

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