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Interview with Thylane Blondeau: "The most beautiful girl on earth? I'm not sure"

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Tatler did not hesitate and talked with "the most beautiful girl on earth" - Thylane Blondeau who got this title when she was only ten years old. Now she is already seventeen, she grew up and is ready to take a new height. 

"The most beautiful girl on earth" - such a verdict was made by the press, when Thylane Blondeau was only 10 years old. And this was not the first model experience of the daughter of TV presenter Véronika Loubry and football player Patrick Blondeu. She made her debut on the catwalk at the age of 4 - it was the Jean Paul Gaultier show. Now she's seventeen. The press does not forget to ask: "Where is the most beautiful girl on earth?" Yes, here she is! All the same beautiful - and this is confirmed by IMG Models, which represents Thylane Blondeau, Gigi, Bella Hadid and Kaia Gerber. Thylane has shooting in Dolce & Gabbana advertising campaignwith Zendaya, Sonia Ben Ammar and Lucky Blue Smith under her belt. Stefano and Domenico invited her to participate in the millennium show in 2017. She has a contract with L'Oréal. In general, the girl has long turned into a girl and works well.

It's your first feature film, is not it? Will you continue your acting career?

- Yes, this is my acting debut, and after filming, I got a lot of suggestions. But at that time I was still at school, studying was for me in the first place. Then I could not act, but now I'm very ready to continue my acting career.

The most difficult challenge on the set?

- It was more difficult to shoot in scenes with fire ( In the film, part of the action takes place during a raging forest fire.). It was very scary.

To whom did you apply for advice?

- Of course, the director of the film - Christian Duguay. He helped me a lot.

SHOT FROM THE FILM "BELLE AND SEBASTIAN: ADVENTURES CONTINUE" ("Belle et Sébastien, l'aventure continue).

And what did you watch in childhood?

- "The Fault in Our Stars" with Ansel Elgort and Shailene Woodley. It was my favorite movie.

You have 2.2 million followers on Instagram. This, to put it mildly, a lot. How does this affect you? Do you communicate with them or, conversely, are you uncomfortable with so much attention?

- You know, this does not affect me in any way. I'm still young, I'm pleased. And I try to do everything for my "Thylaners" ( Thylane's fans call themselves thylaners.) -  I talk with them all the time, and often my mother helps me to answer messages.

The happiest place on earth?

- Where I can stay with my mom and brother.

Your creative plans?

- First shooting in the series, then in the film ... And also advertising contracts. A lot of things, and - I'll tell you honestly - not much time!

Do you have any hidden talents?

- To be honest, I do not like to talk about myself. It's funny, is not it? But I play the piano, guitar and drums. And I'm singing. But I'm terribly embarrassed about everything I do.

Who inspires the latest fashion trends?

- Bella and Gigi Hadid - these are my sources of fashion inspiration. And I'm looking for my style. Rather, I'm seventeen and I'm trying to find my own style. I'll launch my own brand in September and you'll see.

Who would you call the most beautiful girl on earth?

"Not exactly myself!"

Thylane Blondeau AT THE 70TH CANNES FILM FESTIVAL, 2017.

At the Miu Miu show at the Paris Fashion Week, 2017. 



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