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"I skipped school and ran to the club", - Dima Bilan spoke about the past



Dima Bilan congratulated his friend Alla on her birthday by posting a series of archival photographs and sharing funny memories of his student years. On his Instagram, the singer admitted that it was this girl who supported him at the beginning of his career, and her parents helped him gain a foothold in Moscow. 

“If not for your faith and support at the very, very beginning, everything could have happened differently. Huge hello to your amazing parents Konstantin and Svetlana!!! It's so easy to take and believe the "boy from Nalchik" to a schoolboy from the 10th "A" , - the artist wrote.

The girl's favorite also told fans how at the beginning of the 2000s he hung out in clubs, skipped school and visited casinos. It turns out that our handsome man is still that bad boy.


“Remember how we repeatedly ran away to the 16 Ton Club? And with you, in the new year 2000, I ended up in a casino for the first time and we ran into Aizenshpis, leaving Rio, and how we missed school a couple of times with all the consequences: we got both on the head , ”recalled the singer.

Did you recognize young Dima Bilan in these photos? Photo: Dima Bilan's Instagram

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