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“I put my hand in his pants and pulled out ...”: Kate Moss remembered an unusual gift from Johnny Depp


The actor was still an inventor when it was necessary to surprise the girl. 

Johnny Depp dated British supermodel Kate Moss from 1994-1998. Many years later, the famous beauty remembered one unusual gift from the actor. Expensive and very extravagantly served ... Once Johnny gave his beloved a diamond necklace. But do not rush to admire - circumstances are important here.


“The diamond necklace Johnny gave me was the first diamonds I ever owned. He pulled them out of the gap of his ass,” Moss, 48, told British Vogue . We were going to have dinner, and he said: “I have something, can you take a look?” And I'm like, "What?" I put my hand in his pants and pulled out a diamond necklace.”

The model did not specify how she reacted to such a gift. But it seems that we all know the answer to the question of what happened next with this necklace.

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