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“I need a beautiful child for the podium!”: Olesya Malibu wanted to give birth to her 52-year-old husband against his will

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Olesya Malibu hopes to become a mother. The model has already thought about the future of the baby, but has not found a common language with her husband.

The 34-year-old TV star seemed to have found her happiness. Olesya married 52-year-old businessman Artemy. However, family life did not work out, and a month later the girl complained about her chosen one. The ex-participant of the Dom-2 project was tired of her lover’s rudeness and decided to file for divorce. Artemy did not give him the go-ahead, and Malibu has to annul the marriage through the court.

Olesya said that the businessman spares her money. In addition, the blogger’s expectations did not coincide with reality.


Oleya Malibu intends to divorce Artemy, but give birth 

“When Artemy began to give me little money on top of everything else, I realized that it was all over andthere was no point in putting up with him. He behaves rudely in public and does not want to have children. Yes, he was child-free even before our marriage, but he sang songs to me that he would do anything for me. Now I understand thatpeople don’t change,” assured Malibu.

According to her, Artemy even called her father with threats, demanding the return of the money spent on the girl. Olesya is not going to return anything and is ready for the courts. Despite the conflict with the businessman, the model intends to become a mother. The star does not care about her husband’s reluctance to do this. The couple froze the biological material, and the expectant mother even chose a profession for the child. Olesya wants to give birth to a baby for the catwalk Olesya wants to give birth to a baby for the catwalk 

“I will give birth to a child from Artemy and let him pay me child support! What did he think?! Artemy suits me as a father to a child. He is 197 centimeters tall and has blue eyes. And I need a beautiful child for the podium. I want me to have a boy and he will become a model. Since I couldn’t do it, let the child succeed! I’ve already decided everything!” - said Olesya.

The model is not going to wait for another person, explaining this by her age. She does not want to resort to surrogacy and is determined to give birth herself. Malibu also revealed another detail of her personal life: she already has another admirer.


“I want to give birth myself. And I already have a new man, he provides for me. But he’s not as tall as Artemy, so I don’t want to give birth to him,” Olesya reasoned. Olesya already has a new admirer 

She is not afraid to be alone because she believes that she will be a loving mother. This is better than two unhappy parents whose love has passed, Malibu believes. The star of the “Dinner Party” project married Artemy because she had strong feelings for him. They passed because of the inappropriate behavior of the businessman, Olesya assured.

“There are no ideal people at all. Yes, and I hope that the child will be similar to me in character. The most important thing is that Artemy has money and he was able to earn it one day. Let this quality be passed on to the child!” - the girl noted. Participant in the talk show “Male/Female” spends January days at the resort. At this time, Artemy is trying to get her back. According to Olesya, the businessman has no chance.

“He frayed my nerves so much that this is no longer possible. I have already started a different life. Right now I’m relaxing in the Maldives, enjoying myself and getting ready for divorce. I live in a luxury hotel, today I will have a photo shoot at sunset, I eat papaya, drink coffee. I believe that you can’t deny yourself anything!” - Olesya added in a conversation with Prozvezd.


The model does not deny herself anything on vacation The model does not deny herself anything on vacation Social networks of Olesya Malibu

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