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“I'm not ashamed to dress like a woman”: famous men who wear dresses and heels

"Мне не стыдно одеваться "как женщина": знаменитые мужчины, которые носят платья и каблуки

Ezra Miller / Kurt Cobain

Not so long ago we discussed how famous women refuse evening dresses in favor of dresses from men's collections. But gender walls are also undermining. Women's items in the men's wardrobe did not appear yesterday - rock heroes of the 70s wore silk blouses and high-heeled boots, and David Bowie can even be called the ambassador of androgynous fashion. But at the same time, a man in a dress in many circules of modern society, no matter how tolerant it may be, still causes at least bewilderment, and at least disgust, and even fear.

The reaction, in any case, turns out to be more rapid than at the sight of a woman in a pantsuit. Why the famous men wear things from women's collections, we suggest finding out today.

One of the established stereotypes is that a man in women's clothing is more likely to be included in the LGBT community. It’s a paradox, but the roots of this rejection of men in women's clothing lie in sexism towards women. At least that’s how it explains Nathaniel Wayne, who is vlogging under the name Vera Wilde. On the screen, Wayne appears in a female image, while being a heterosexual man.

Nathaniel Wayne in the life and image of Vera Wilde

I think this is due to the deep-rooted belief that men are somehow superior to women. If a woman wants to look like a man, this may seem strange, but it is almost inspiring. When a man wants to appear in the female and act like a woman, it is considered humiliating, because the man chooses to be something less than he is, ”said Wayne in an interview with Vice. It is all the more pleasant because representatives of, perhaps, the most brutal musical genre, where hypertrophied masculinity has always been an important part, are included in the debunking of these myths - rap. In 2016, a thundering discussion was caused by the cover of the album of the rapper Young Thug, on which he appeared in a lavender dress with ruffles from Alessandro Trincone. The performer was accused of dropping the culture of drag and, of course, was suspected of being an LGBT person. Young Thug himself stated that he believes that such a concept as gender does not exist at all.

When I was 12 years old, my leg was so small that my sister's shiny shoes fit me. My father shouted to me: "You dare not go to school at this! You disgrace us!" But I always did not care what people think, - the rapper admitted in an interview.

Young Thug

Young Thug

The fact that gender is a social concept is also convinced by fashion historian Joe Paoletti, who in 2012 published the book Pink and Blue: The Difference of Boys and Girls in America (Pink and Blue: Telling the Boys from the Girls in America ) The scientist calls the turning point the 80s: it was then that from neutral clothes for newborns there was a sharp roll towards gender-colored blue and pink things. So consumerism contributed to the consolidation of stereotypes.

Children between the ages of two and six rely on cultural landmarks. They still do not understand biological gender. 

Kanye West

Other rappers have turned to women's clothing or typically women's accessories. For example, Kanye West performed in a shirt from the Celine women's collection and appeared on the stage in a Givenchy leather skirt - even if these are not the most “radical” outfits.

Kanye West

Vin Diesel appeared in a leather skirt. The actor, who embodies the most brutal heroes on the screen, appeared on the stage of the MTV Europe Music Awards ceremony.

Вин Дизель

Vin Diesel

A $ AP Rocky introduced the image of his grandmother into fashion - he dedicated one of his videos to him. Then the rapper repeatedly appeared at events in a silk scarf on his head.

A$AP Rocky

A $ AP Rocky

However, the younger generation is not far behind. So, the son of Will Smith, Jaden also does not limit the range of his wardrobe. The young man starred in a skirt for the Louis Vuitton campaign, and in ordinary life appeared in front of cameras in skirts or dresses. Jaden Sitt in an advertisement for Louis Vuitton

Джейден Смит

There is nobody to take an example from: as already mentioned at the beginning of the article, musicians began to actively expand the gender framework in the 70s. David Bowie put on a silk dress, Prince wore high-heeled shoes, high-waisted trousers and fluffy bow blouses, Freddie Mercury went on stage in a pleated satin poncho made from a wedding dress, in a white dress in front of a crowd of thousands in Hyde Park in 1969- m spoke and Mick Jagger.

Дэвид Боуи

David Bowie

Дэвид Боуи




Mick Jagger

This is not the end of the rockers addiction to crossdressing - in a combination dress Kurt Cobain also entered the stage in a white-collar school dress, although the cult woolen cardigan was remembered more by fans.

Курт Кобейн

Курт Кобейн

Kurt Cobain

And although for the past several decades men in women’s clothes have been present in pop culture one way or another, it would be too naive to believe that society has already gotten used to it during this time.

Джонни Вейр

Джонни Вейр

Johnny Weir

Miss J. Alexander

Фаррелл Уильямс в женском пальто Celine

Farrell Williams in Celine Women's Coat

These men are still criticized or blamed. Many have quite witty answers to these attacks. For example, the famous actor and stand-up comedian Eddie Izzard responded so much to claims that he wears women's clothing. This is not women's clothing! These are my clothes - I bought them, ”Eddie declared.

Эдди Иззард

Eddie Izzard

Эдди Иззард

Replaced the Critics and Iggy Pop. In his youth, the musician preferred to go on stage with a minimum of clothing on his body: a naked torso, perhaps the first association with the image that comes to mind. In adulthood, the rocker starred in the Dior advertising campaign - in the photo, Iggy is captured in a dress. I’m not ashamed to dress like a woman, because I don’t think that I am ashamed to be a woman, the musician briefly and clearly outlined his position.

Игги Поп

Iggy Pop

Contributed to the trend and Marc Jacobs, who appeared on Met Gala in 2012 in a transparent lace dress, and in ordinary life and at his shows often went out in skirts.

Марк Джейкобс

Marc Jacobs

I just don’t want to wear a dress coat and look bored, - then Jacobs explained his fashionable choice. Today in the wardrobe of the designer you can often find pantsuits, bright jackets and leopard coats, but a tender love for skirts also remains. Well, Mark, following the example of A $ AP Rocky, covers with a silk scarf.

This year, the focus was on Billy Porter, who hit everyone with a spectacular ball gown at the Oscars.

Билли Портер

Ezra Miller (this year the actor posed in dresses and at photo shoots, and on the red carpet) and Cody Fern, who repeatedly appeared in translucent blouses (the style appreciates, by the way, Harry Styles, who are also at the forefront of the fight against gender prejudices) recently starred in the image of a ballerina) or crop tops - things that are more likely associated with a women's wardrobe.

Гарри Стайлс

Harry Styles

Эзра Миллер

Эзра Миллер

Ezra Miller

Коди Ферн

Cody Fern

Коди Ферн

However, today, designers are trying to make their customers' choices easier - the growing popularity of gender collections makes it possible to pacify the debate about who can buy it and who can not. What to do with dresses? So far this question remains unanswered, but the best would be - just wear it! What do you think of women's things in men's wardrobe? PHOTO of press services


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