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“I have a lot of complexes”: Megan Fox on mental disorders and self-doubt


The star spoke frankly about her attitude to her body.

The appearance of Megan Fox is admired by millions of people around the world. And her appearances on the red carpet of MTV VMA and Met Gala 2021 drove even those who were previously indifferent to beauty crazy. But she herself, as it turned out, is not too happy in her body. In a recent interview with British GQ, the actress opened up about her self-image issues and also talked about her relationship with Machine Gun Kelly. Hot shots with your lover are attached! 

“I suffer from body dysmorphic disorder. I have a lot of complexes , ”Fox admitted in an interview. The beauty did not go into details and explain what exactly gives rise to this uncertainty, forcing her to constantly look for flaws in her own appearance. However, she emphasized that only the relationship with Coulson Baker (real name MGK) helped her accept herself.

“I think I put myself in, or let people put me in boxes that didn’t fit me. And for a very long time I could not be myself, and my eccentric and strange features did not fit into family life or Hollywood standards , ”Megan explained.

“Meeting him was like meeting the reflection of your soul, ” said the star of “Transformers” and “Jennifer's Body” about the relationship with the musician. - I see myself in him and that closed part of me that I rejected. I always felt that I was missing her, I was always looking for her. But when you meet someone who fills that void, you think, “So this is what my heart was looking for. That's what this lighthouse has been all along . "


Megan Fox and Coulson Baker

Baker experienced similar feelings. The artist admitted that before meeting with Megan did not know what true love is.

“I grew up in a dysfunctional family and saw only that love does not work. Then I grew up in pop culture where they don't make romantic movies anymore. And my soul hurts because I wasted 30 years of my life without feeling any desire , ”said Colson.

He also revealed that he suffers from post-traumatic stress disorder due to the sad events of his past and addiction to illegal substances. Fox helps him cope with this: according to the rapper, his beloved made him realize that you can’t just bury the injury and continue to live on. At the same time, Coulson admits that his relationship with Megan is far from perfect.

“It should be light, but we also fly to the underworld with each other. It's ecstasy and agony... I don't want people to think that everything between us is perfect. I said that this is a dark fairy tale for a reason ,” the rapper said mysteriously. They really have a rather unusual romance!


Megan Fox and Coulson Baker

Photo: Instagram British GQ , Instagram Megan Fox

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