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"I eat what I want, give birth to children - everything is like a normal woman": five interesting facts about Laetitia Casta


The French beauty, the face of the famous cosmetic brands and fragrances on May 11 celebrated the fortieth anniversary

Laeticia is amazing. She has achieved tremendous success in the modeling business. She is mother of three children, which is also a rarity in her profession. A year ago, the first time officially married - the actor Louis Garrel, who is among the sexiest men in France and six years younger than Laetitia. Casta is also an actress, who appeared in 27 movies, and a director. And just a beauty, which even now looks fresh and young even without make-up and hairstyles. How does she manage it all?

Straight from the beach - on the covers of gloss magazines



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Laeticia became a model at the age of 15. She was on holidays with her parents in Corsica. Sunbathing on the beach, a young beauty was noticed by a photographer of a famous model agency, who invited her to a trial photo session. Laeticia almost on her knees begged her stern father to let her go. Dad made inquiries about the agency and only then gave "good." In Paris, they traveled together. After the debut in fashion magazine Casta got invitations from the most famous fashion houses - Jean-Paul Gaultier, Yves Saint Laurent, Chanel, Givenchy, Ralph Lauren, Victoria's Secret ... So Laetitia became one of the most popular models that still remains.

"I like my crooked teeth"

Among the anemic models, Laetitia, of course, stands out. Low (height - only 169 cm), with curvy feminine body (weight - 57 kg), with 4th bra size! Casta has uneven front teeth and an incorrect bite. As a child, she even was shy to smile. But, having matured, stopped complexing. Somehow the beauty admitted that her agent persuaded to put porcelain crowns. "I like my crooked teeth," - closed the topic once and for all Casta. About plastic operations you can not even ask - she did not have it and is not going to.

Beauty secrets

Laetizia is not obsessed with diets. She does not hide that she adores mother's pudding with vanilla cream, puff pastry and chocolate. But then she tries to "burn" extra calories in the gym, in the pool or on a run. And every morning she drinks a glass of water with lemon and herbs. - I eat and give birth to children - everything, like a normal woman, is not at all like a model. In my opinion, they are too lean. This is not a sign of beauty, but of soreness, "Laetitia lamented in an interview

Before the pool, the oil and lavender are applied to the skin and hair to protect against dryness. She tries to get enough sleep - as far as possible for a mother with many children. She uses baby milk to get her makeup off. She also uses it to care for the body and hair. She loves masks for the face, applies them every day. Prefers the most common mud.

"I paint shadows directly with my finger"

Laetitia - for naturalness, so uses cosmetics at a minimum. - A little lip balm in the corners of the eyes and eyelids so that the gaze is radiant. I use brown pencil for eyebrows. I do not need blush: a glass of wine - and my cheeks turn pink, - she told me about the secrets of makeup. - For evening I choose Smokey eyes, like black shadows, and I paint them directly with my finger. I love the matte effect on my lips. I powder my lips through napkin - it turns out awesome!

Husbands and children

Leticia has three children, born in an informal relationship.

The eldest daughter Satin - 16. Casta gave birth to the first child from the French photographer Stéphane Sednaoui, with whom she had a stormy affair. The pair broke up because of Stéphane's adultery.

Son Orlando (he is 11) and daughter Athena (she is 8) - from the Italian actor Stefano Accorsi. This relationship lasted a long time and by itself came to naught. Although, they say, the cause of the breakup, were cheating. A year ago, Laetitia first officially married actor Louis Garrel 

Last summer, Laetizia married the actor Louis Garrel, with whom she met three years before the wedding. Louis has a five-year romance with Valeria Bruni Tedeschi, sister of Carla Bruni, who is 17 years older than him. The couple adopted a girl from Senegal , but soon parted. With Louis Laetizia, it seems, has finally found her happiness. 

Laetitia always said that she dreams of five children. It was recognized: "To give birth - it's great! There's nothing better in life. " Who knows, maybe Louis will very soon make her dreams come true.

The Younger Muse of Yves Saint Laurent

The famous couturier, who passed away a few years ago, had officially five muses. Loulou de la Falaise, Betty Katro, Paloma Picasso, Catherine Deneuve and Laetizia Casta. Casta is called the younger muse. The age difference was 42 years. The relationship was very gentle and friendly.


At the celebration of the 40th anniversary of the fashion house of Yves Saint Laurent in 1998, Laeticia came out at the end of the show in a luxurious wedding dress Photo: EAST NEWS

She advertised the perfume of his perfume line. For every public release of the "younger muse", the designer came up with toilets. Such an honor was given only to actresses Catherine Deneuve and Jeanne Moreau.

"I really miss him," Casta told reporters. - It's a great luck to meet such a person. Working with him was the purest magic. For every dress, he came up with a story. Largely thanks to Saint-Laurent, I became an actress.

In the movie debuted with Depardieu


- I managed to do both decent and shitty films. This is probably called career, - Laetitia told.

Her shitty works in the movies have not seen. But the debut was worthy - in 1999 in the most expensive French film "Asterix and Obelix v. Caesar". The pictures with her participation "Wild Souls", "Street of Pleasure", "Girl and Wolves", "Face" are also recognized as successful. And in the picture "Gainsbourg. Love the hooligan "(2010)she played Brigitte Bardot . Letitia in the film "Asterix and Obelix v. Caesar" Letitia in the film "Asterix and Obelix v. Caesar"

- I called her and asked: "Tell me about yourself," - said Laetitia. "She told me a lot about her life, and joked with anecdotes." Brigitte was an extreme for her time. Then you could neither divorse nor strip your chest. She did both. We're a bit alike, and not only externally



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