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“I don’t have a girlfriend”: Dimash broke up with the winner of the “The Bachelor” show




“I don’t have a girlfriend”: Dimash broke up with the winner of the “The Bachelor” Anastasia

27-year-old Dimash Adilet admitted that now his heart is free. The businessman's relationship with Sonya Solmanidina ended.

The ninth season of the "The Bachelor" show was unusual. There were two enviable suitors - Alexander Grankov and Dimash Adilet. The farmer chose Yana Sapeta in the final of the show, the Kazakh businessman chose Sonya Solmanidina. A native of Alma-Ata until the last could not decide and made a decision at the last moment.

“Right now I don’t have a solution. I thought about not choosing anyone, ”Dimash reflected on the eve of the final of the project. In the end, he still gave the rose to Sonya. The fans of the show rejoiced. It seemed like a wonderful couple. But it turned out that the relationship of young people did not last long.


Dimash chose Sonya in the final of the show

This was understandable shortly after the last episode of the show aired. Dimash has not dedicated a single post to Sonya on his blog. The businessman left questions from fans unanswered. And now he let slip about parting with the winner of the project.

Adilet came to Kazakhstan to visit his relatives. The network got a video from the event, which was attended by a millionaire. The presenter asked if the young man had a lover.

“No, I don’t have a girlfriend,” Dimash said. “It’s a pity,” his interlocutor replied, but did not begin to find out the details. She turned her attention to the businessman's mother, noting her beauty. 

The fans of the bachelor were upset. "Sad. They would be a good couple”, “What happened between them? Why did they break up?”, “Sasha told him that even if you choose someone, it does not oblige you to anything, it is not necessary to meet later. He just made a choice, as it was necessary, and that’s it”, “As they say: don’t invent love where it doesn’t exist. He just won’t start a relationship, he talked about it many times, ”the users said.


Dimash said that he does not have a girlfriend

Fans of the show are also worried about the other couple. Alexander and Yana also do not advertise the relationship, sparking breakup rumors. Recently, the winner of "The Bachelor" arranged a photo shoot on a yacht. She posed in a bikini.

Earlier, 28-year-old Sapeta admitted that she was positive about changes in appearance. She had a breast augmentation at 22.

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