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“I decided to return the money spent for the plastic surgery”: Victoria Bonya wanted to make money from her photos


The 43-year-old TV presenter is recovering from surgery. Victoria Bonya decided to make money on the hype after changing her appearance.

The star of the reality show “Dom-2” has changed a lot since television viewers saw her for the first time. Attentive users suspected her of more than one plastic surgery. However, Victoria refuted all the speculation and assured that her transformation was the result of self-massage and visits to cosmetologists. According to Bonya, she decided to make drastic changes last year - she had blepharoplasty for drooping eyelids with Dr. Vardan Khachaturyan, and was pleased with the result. In addition, last spring the models had a lower face and neck lift in Dubai.

This time, the blogger decided to entrust her appearance to a fashionable surgeon from the USA, who worked with Bella Hadid and other Hollywood stars. According to Victoria, she stood in line for a long time to see Chia Chi Kao and paid him 19 million rubles for the operation. For this amount, he had to transform the patient’s eyes, giving them the shape of “fox eyes”. Now the screen star is thinking about how to compensate for her costs. 


“I decided that it would be nice to get back the money spent on the plastic surgery. Still, the amount is not small and due to long rehabilitation it increases every day! With so many people wanting to be the first to see the result, it is already possible to hold an auction. How do you like this idea? Not only are there thousands of messages from you and dozens more messages from different publications... I went to think,” Bonya said.

Users were surprised by the enterprising spirit of the former TV show participant. However, some were outraged that Victoria once again decided to get into the pockets of fans who sincerely care about her.


Victoria Bonya with surgeon Chia Chi Kao

“She wasn’t going to take money from the clinic. She will sell interviews, photos... It seems to me that this was the idea”, “I think this was originally intended, but now it’s just warming up the public ”, “She wants to take money from you, the curious, or from the yellow press”, “You We don’t understand, she wants to pay for her rehabilitation at your expense. At least a little is good”, “You need to go to Malakhov right away. They pay very well there. Or on NTV,” “I want to look not at the results, we will see them anyway sooner or later , but at the people who are willing to pay money for it! Strange people,” they wrote in the comments. 

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