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How Russians react to a scandalous video of Robbie Williams "Party Like A Russian"

“Well done, thank you for dedicating a song to our country!”

British singer admitted that he exposed self-censorship hoping 147 million Russians didn't take offense.

In general, the theme of a "mysterious and terrible Russia" in the works of artists of the world is not new - it suffices to recall the heartbreaking song of Sting with the words - "I hope the Russians love their children too". And now, with the song "Party Like A Russian" Robbie Williams is trying to make a comeback. Apparently, the sold-out concert in Moscow last year made a lasting impression on him.

The ballet dancers, the music of Prokofiev, buckwheat, golden tongue (an allusion to the fact that the Russians eat gold, or they were born with golden spoons in their mouths?) featured in his music video for the song "Party Like A Russian". The video is filmed in one hall "in the style of Hermitage palace".

Girls in dresses in the style of a military uniform and girls in the tutus dance around Robbie, who sits and eats, sings and speaks in Russian, "Thank you."

British tabloid The Sun writes that after the release of the single singer confessed to them that he would avoid travel to Eastern Europe. And all because the song has "mocking words" about the Russian president, as well as the chorus:

"We’ve got soul and we’ve got gold

Party like a Russian

Disco seduction

Party like a Russian, oh

Have it like an oligarch”.

Lyrics refrained from using names, referring solely to a person who makes people to give their money to build a space station for himself.

"147 million people live in Russia. And I do not know do they have a sense of humor "- Robbie says.

“Yes, we have a normal sense of humor. Personally, we think that Robbie never do anything to hate him. However, Robbie saved money on his video. Where is a yacht? Where is Cristal champagne? Where is a caviar and Fighting Bears? Those same clichés would, of course, make us upset and we would have been getting our revenge.. And so - well done, thank you for dedicating a song to our country!”, - react Russians.



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