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How Regina Todorenko ruined her career with a careless statement?


Famous TV presenter, blogger, songwriter. 

A TV star was born in Odessa in 1990. From the age of 7 she began performing in the school theater, she also studied vocals and choreography. An attempt to get a "serious" profession at the Maritime University was unsuccessful, so Regina left for Kiev and entered the faculty of directing and show business.

Regina took part in the Ukrainian version of Star Factory. Together with the group "Real O" Todorenko received the "Golden Gramophone". Since 2014, Regina left the team and became a solo performer.


Regina Todorenko wrote songs for such stars of Russian show business as Sofia Rotaru, Nikolai Baskov, Ani Lorak.


In the same 2014, Regina plunged headlong into the TV project "Heads and Tails". Many TV viewers note that Regina is one of the best presenters on the project. However, the project terminated the contract with the presenter due to the fact that Regina revealed the secret of the show. In an interview, Regina said that there is no gold card, and everything works according to the barter scheme. Then Todorenko had to apologize to the producers of the show.

In 2017, Regina launches her show "Friday with Regina Todorenko".


In 2018, it becomes known that Regina was in a love relationship with Vlad Topalov, and soon their son Mikhail was born.


In one of the interviews where Regina and her husband answered PeopleTalk questions, the conversation turned towards family relationships, where Regina is not careful about domestic violence and says that the girls themselves are to blame for being beaten. After that, the haters pounced on the presenter with accusatory statements. No matter how later Regina tried to correct the situation, apologize, shoot videos, explain herself ... It was already too late. Regina's advertising contracts were terminated and Glamour magazine stripped of the title of "Woman of the Year".


Many celebs supported Regina, as they understand that some careless phrase can turn into a big problem, fortunately there are fans of the TV presenter who also remained on the side of Todorenko.


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