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How Lindsay Lohan 's appearance changed before and after the marriage?


Hollywood star of the zero years Lindsay Lohan has changed a lot by 2022. After many years of addictions and unsuccessful plastic surgeries, the actress returned to filming, got married and at 36 began to look younger and healthier than in the scandalous pictures in the 2010s.

What Lindsay Lohan looked like when she was young

American actress Lindsay Lohan was one of the most sought-after and promising young Hollywood stars in the early 2000s. Already at the age of 12, the girl became famous all over the world thanks to the main role in the family comedy The Parent Trap and participation in the Disney project. In 2004, Lindsay starred in the cult film Mean Girls and was at the peak of her popularity - she became a style icon and the idol of all teenagers.

Young Lindsay Lohan began to use alcohol and illegal substances early, and already in 2005 she was hospitalized for the first time due to an overdose. The paparazzi caught the young actress red-handed more than once - in the pictures, 18-year-old Lindsey looked painfully thin and much older than her years.


In 2013, photos of the actress at the trial in the case of an accident while intoxicated were distributed in the media and social networks. As a result of the meeting, the actress was assigned community service, compulsory treatment in a rehabilitation clinic and a course of psychotherapy. In pictures from the courtroom, the 27-year-old celebrity looks very unhealthy - she has pale skin, large bruises under her eyes, a haggard face, greasy hair and a blank look.


Lindsay Lohan at a car accident hearing in 2013

Due to addiction to alcohol, Lindsay Lohan's skin became flabby, so the actress often sought the help of cosmetologists and plastic surgeons. However, due to the idle lifestyle, it was not possible to improve the appearance, and attempts to enlarge the lips led to the fact that they began to look unnatural. It seems that unsuccessful experiments with appearance, combined with addiction and psychological problems, have literally aged the celebrity. How has Lindsay Lohan changed? By 2022, I have established a career, personal life and began to look younger Lindsey Lohan


After 2014, Lindsay was no longer invited to shoot, for a long time Lohan only occasionally appeared in public and, with varying success, tried to get rid of her addiction.

How Lindsay Lohan has changed by 2022

In May 2021, it became known that she was offered one of the main roles in the new film from the streaming company Netflix - the romantic comedy "Falling for Christmas", which is due out in 2022. In November, Lindsay signed a contract with Netflix to participate in several more projects, it seems that her career has gone uphill. On the first frame from the film, which was presented to the public, the actress is almost unrecognizable. How has Lindsay Lohan changed? By 2022, I have established a career, personal life and began to look younger


Frame from the movie Falling for Christmas

Lindsay soon announced her engagement to businessman Bader Shammas, whom she had been dating since 2020. Apparently, the resumption of a career and a romantic relationship had a beneficial effect on the star. In the Instagram photo*, the actress looks much healthier and happier than in the pictures from a decade ago. How has Lindsay Lohan changed? By 2022, I have established a career, personal life and began to look younger Instagram photo* Lindsay Lohan


In August 2022, the paparazzi captured Lindsay Lohan smiling at the entrance to a hotel in New York - the actress had just returned from her honeymoon with Bader Shammas, whom they secretly married in July. In the photo, the actress looks so pleased and happy that she seems younger than her age. How has Lindsay Lohan changed? By 2022, I have established a career, personal life and began to look younger


Lindsay Lohan in August 2022

Apparently, Lindsay Lohan managed to finally overcome addictions, correct the consequences of “beauty shots” and plastic surgeries in the early 2010s, and regain her former charm. Now she is participating in the filming of new shows, and rumors are spreading on the Web about the resumption of her musical career.

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