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How does the ex-husband of Natalia Vodianova, Justin Portman live?


The story of the Nizhny Novgorod Cinderella, Natalia Vodianova once shocked many. Natalia Vodianova, born in a large family in the Russian provinces, conquered the world and the heart of a real English lord - Justin Portman. Their love story was like a fairy tale. Natalia gave birth to children one after another. As a result, the couple became the parents of Lucas, Victor and Neva. But the marriage broke up ten years later. Vodianova never went into details of what caused the divorce. It's no secret that the lord is addicted to alcohol. And even landed in a rehabilitation clinic. Some time after their separation, he said on social networks that one day the ex-wife came to his clinic and said that she did not miss him.

“My life was no longer in sync with her fashion life. I thought she was ashamed of me. I became for her something like an old and outdated Louis Vuitton bag.”, he confessed. In addition, the lord even said that Vodianova had an affair on the side. But he turned a blind eye to it. The model itself did not rush to reproach her former missus for anything. Although once, when he was still married to Natalia, he was caught with a beautiful blonde in a bar. It was in Uruguay , where the couple had an estate and Portman often spent time there while Vodianova worked for the family. Be that as it may, after the divorce, Natalia and Justin were still able to maintain a good relationship.

First of all, for the sake of the children. And soon after the divorce, Vodianova left England for France , to her new lover, Antoine Arnault whom she married last year. Justin Portman's personal life has also improved.

In the summer of 2019, he married actress Morgan Snyder. The ceremony was held in Herefordshire, where Justin spent his entire childhood. The celebration was attended by the 13-year-old daughter of Justin Portman Neva, born in marriage to Natalia Vodianova. The bride was on demolition, she soon gave birth to a son, Leo. And in September of this year, Portman shared another good news. His fifth daughter was born. "Welcome to this world, Star Charlotte Berkeley Portman. The baby was born on September 25, 2021. Mommy Morgan is doing well, ”the happy father of many children wrote on social networks. 


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