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How does science help MARUV write songs?


In Elena Sever's Sever Show program on RU.TV, the shocking MARUV recalled her school years, told how she reacted to caustic comments on the Web and named the role of a dream she would like to fulfill in a movie.

The singer has almost 600 thousand followers on Instagram, her account is full of reports on her creative activities, but the artist prefers not to talk about her personal life. By the way, MARUV tries to be very restrained in criticism of creativity. The ability to be thick-skinned allows you to calmly respond to caustic comments on the web.

MARUV told the story of her school life, expressing gratitude to her parents for the fact that, having seen how she lagged behind in the program, instead of giving up and saying “humanities”, she was transferred to the physics and mathematics class.

According to the singer, it was a colossal pumping for the brain, but she was so lucky with the teachers that there was simply no chance not to understand the program, besides, everything was presented very interestingly.


MARUV believes that it is the exact sciences that help her in writing music, which she defines as "auditory mathematics", and this knowledge helps her to quickly assimilate any material.

MARUV loves cinema, and especially science fiction. Her top-list includes the series "The Hundred", as well as "Supernatural" and "The Vampire Diaries".

The singer spoke about the role of her dreams - this is a character in the Universe of Marvel. MARUV heard that a film with the participation of the Hulk girl is being prepared for release and I am sure that the role of "Halkini" would be very suitable for her. And also MARUV would like to try herself in the role of a villain, a princess and a superhero.

Does the singer plan to release tracks in Russian? How did you manage to achieve a beautiful timbre? And why is he proud of the video for Sad Song? Watch "Sever Show" on RU.TV Channel!


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