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How do the daughters of entrepreneur Ziyad Manasir live?


Ziyad Manasir is among the top 200 richest businessmen in Russia. His fortune is estimated at $600 million. He founded the Stroygazconsulting holding . The entrepreneur has three daughters, who are often discussed on the Internet. We tell how they live now.

Elen Manasir 


Ziyad Manasir's eldest daughter is popular on the Internet thanks to her blog about cosmetics. The girl regularly posts about her favorite skin care products. She also has her own website with retail products. In 2014, she married a young businessman and artist Bulat Khunkaev. Despite the fact that Helen has wealthy parents, the wedding was not a big one. Manasir’s eldest daughter studied at the journalism department of Moscow State University and starred in a reality series, which attracted increased attention to her person. She herself said in an interview that she does not consider herself among the “golden youth”. Now Helen is developing her blog and regularly travels to expensive resorts in Europe.

Diana Manasir 


The Internet notes that Diana and Helen are very similar in appearance. However, no one undertakes to judge the characters of the girls. Diana used to talk a lot about her life on the Internet. For example, in one of her posts she wrote that she was giving away old phone models to servants. After she graduated from school in Moscow, the girl went to study in London. There she met her lover, who proposed to her. She married Rostki Bagirov when she was 18 years old. Now the entrepreneur's heiress lives between Moscow and Lonodon.

Dana Manasir


The youngest daughter of an entrepreneur is still too young and has not had time to distinguish herself like her older sisters. However, on the Internet they call her “the most beautiful Manasir” and wonder what awaits the girl in the future. On her blog, she often shares photos with her family and pictures from professional photo shoots.

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