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How did Stranger Things' Noah Schnapp offend rapper Doja Cat?


The actor leaked personal correspondence with the girl to the Network and, to be honest, anyone in her place would be unhappy with such a “joke” ? 

Rapper and singer Doja Cat accused Stranger Things star Noah Schnapp of violating personal space: the actor posted a screenshot of the correspondence with the girl. In it, Doja Cat asks Noah to help her meet his co-star Joseph Quinn (Eddie).

Noah posted the same screenshot on his TikTok account this Wednesday. As soon as a scandal erupted around the video, the publication immediately disappeared.


How did Stranger Things' Noah Schnapp offend rapper Doja Cat? YouTube The screenshot showed the girl asking Schnapp, "Noah, you can tell Joseph HMU." "HMU" is an abbreviation that can be translated as "beep me". She then asked, “Wait, no. He has a girlfriend?" In response, Noah urged Doja to write to Quinn in Quinn's PM and threw off his nickname in one of the social networks. On Thursday, Doja aired a live video in which it accused Schnapp of leaking a "tête-à-tête" conversation.


How did Stranger Things' Noah Schnapp offend rapper Doja Cat? Joseph Quinn in Stranger Things

"Let's try to take it easy. To be honest, he's kind of like a kid. Like, Noah, I don't know how old he is, but he's not even an adult, like, he can't be older than 21," Doja said. But at the same time, she nevertheless noticed that on his part the publication of this kind is an irresponsible act, albeit not directly speaking about the nature of Noah.

Representatives of the 17-year-old actor and he himself have not yet given any comments. What can I say here: it’s better to think a hundred times before merging personal correspondence to the Web once!

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