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How Anna Khilkevich was able to lose 23 kilograms?


It seems that slender Anna Khikelvich does not need to make any effort to look great. But the other day, the actress convinced fans that this was not the case. The star has to carefully control her diet and exercise a lot to keep her body in good shape.

The most difficult period for her figure fell on the time after the second birth. Anna said that, being pregnant, she gained as much as 23 kilograms! According to the celebrity, she had to spend a huge amount of effort to get in shape. Khilkevich went on a diet, went in for sports, and performed expensive hardware procedures. As a result, Anna was helped by a course of special massage, which made her hips as slender. It took the beauty 2 years to recover from the second birth!

But even after the birth of her first daughter, it was not easy for the actress to regain her previous parameters. The girl had only 3 months to lose weight, because she had to return to the set. Khilkevich went on a special diet: she ate steamed chicken and chicken hearts, adding zucchini and buckwheat to the diet. And then Anna decided to undergo a course of abdominal mesotherapy - otherwise neither sports nor diets helped.


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