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"Girl of the People". In honor of the 35th birthday of Olga Buzova, we are trying to figure out what her phenomenon is


"The queen of Russian show business" - this is how Olya called her PR agent Anton Bogoslavsky, congratulating her on her birthday on Instagram. Indeed, over the past four years, Buzova has managed to create a kind of revolution in the domestic show business. If a few years ago they laughed at her and even reproached her for her lack of voice, now many respect Olya as an artist. Philip Kirkorov, Dima Bilan, Yana Rudkovskaya have repeatedly noted her colossal efficiency, calling her a true plowman, and her ability to achieve her goals. Well, and most importantly, Buzova found her listener. As for the voice, let's be honest, in Russian show business, in principle, there are few people with strong vocal abilities.

On January 20, Olga celebrated her 35th birthday with her close friends in her favorite restaurant Lastochka. And the main celebration took place a week later in the capital's Orion Hall, where Andrey Malakhov, Lolita Milyavskaya, Yana Rudkovskaya and many others came to congratulate her. On the occasion of the anniversary, we decided to recall the brightest moments from the biography of Olya Buzova, and also try to figure out what her phenomenon is.


Olga Buzova and her PR agent Anton Bogoslavsky, to whom she presented an apartment on Tsvetnoy Boulevard

Plush pink suit, extended blond hair. It was in this image that the 18-year-old student from St. Petersburg Olya Buzova first appeared in the Dom-2 project in 2004. The girl was so worried, sitting on a log, that she constantly stuttered and barely put words into sentences. But, despite this, the bright blonde in the first second interested the male half of the show and was left in the project. Evgeny Abuzyarov immediately began to look after Olga. True, the young man soon got a turn from the gate. Then there was Stas Karimov, but mutual sympathy led nowhere. Relations with Roman Tretyakov began as if in jest. Loners Roma (Berkova by that time had already left the project because of the porn past) and Olya were often paired in contests that took place on the project. Together they looked rather unusual and even comical: Olya is a tall, bright blonde, Roma is almost a head lower, bald, but very charismatic and intelligent. Before the other participants in the project had time to laugh, Buzova and Tretyakov became a couple, and one of the brightest in "House-2". Together they hosted their own show "Romance with Buzova" on TNT. Buzova also wrote two books.

And in August 2007, Roman left the project to try to realize himself beyond the perimeter. Olga was faced with a choice - to leave with her lover, with whom the relationship at that time began to deteriorate, or to stay? Buzova chose the latter. Subsequently, Roman married, became a father, but did not achieve much success in his career. Yes, many people know and remember him, but above all as a former member of "House-2". Oli's career, after parting with Tretyakov, went uphill. Buzova became the host of her own column "Caution, stylists!" in the program "Morning on TNT". Also, along with other participants in the show, she toured the country with concerts and tried herself in singing. I remember that it was during that period that I interviewed her. Olya then said that Roma would still bite her elbows ...


Roman Tretyakov at the presentation of Olga Buzova's book "The Thing is in the Hairpin" in 2007.

At first, the participants did not take Olya seriously in the role of the presenter, they often made fun of her, and also brought her to tears. Perhaps they just envied her ... But be that as it may, Olya endured and moved forward. As they say, the dog barks, the caravan moves on. At the same time, Buzova worked on the speech technique, as there were problems.

Olga tried to develop her career outside of "House-2". She often became a guest of various programs and even got a cameo role in the TV series "Univer". Then she continued to develop acting skills already on the theatrical stage - she had one of the main roles in the comedy play "A Man in Catch". In addition to creative realization, Olya tried herself in business with varying success. Clothes, restaurants, food. However, the most viable turned out to be her clothing brand Olga Buzova Design, which still exists.

One can argue for a long time about the image of a narrow-minded and emotional blonde in beads and feathers, but one thing is clear - he worked very well and has been paying dividends so far. Olya has always won over people with her sincerity and simplicity. Years later, when there was a scandal (it was initiated by Ksenia Sobchak) with a jacket from the Balenciaga brand, Buzova in one of her posts on Instagram called herself a "girl from the people" "A girl of the people" who earned everything herself. Then, by the way, many public people supported Olga.


Ksenia Sobchak and Olga Buzova at the MUZ-TV Prize press conference in March 2020

In addition to Dom-2, which brought Buzova all-Russian popularity and recognition, Instagram became another powerful springboard for her. appearance in Russia. While many stars were just pondering whether they should register there or not, Olga had already actively posted photos from her life. In fact, she didn't even have to invent anything, she just talked about what was happening to her - work in "House-2", filming, tours, relationships. At the same time, an army of Buzova fans began to form. To date, Olya has the largest audience on Russian Instagram - over 23 million subscribers. Many joke that Buzova does not part with an iPhone even in the toilet and takes a million stories per minute. Jokes as a joke, and the price of an advertising post on the star's Instagram has long exceeded half a million rubles.

By the way, it may seem that Buzova has a huge team of managers and assistants who are working on her image and projects, but this is not so. There are only three main people there - director Aram Archer (she has been working with Olya for 14 years), PR agent Anton Bogoslavsky (the one to whom she gave the apartment on Tsvetnoy Boulevard) and assistant Sonya.

Olga always liked to live for show, for which her now ex-husband Dmitry Tarasov repeatedly reproached her. "Life for the sake of likes" - this is how the footballer spoke about her after the divorce, who, however, also later began to develop his own instagram.

Looking back, today only Dmitry Tarasov can be called Olga Buzova's true love. They had been together for six years and seemed like an exemplary couple. Buzova repeatedly publicly confessed her love to her husband, made friends with all the wives of football players and often supported Tarasov at the games. And on December 30, 2016, an unexpected divorce took place. Versions of parting # of gibbies, as the fans called the couple, are different. According to one of them, Dima cheated on Olga, according to the other, he dreamed of children and a full-fledged family, and she devoted more time to her career, according to the third, the relationship simply came to naught over time. But, be that as it may, after the divorce, both got what they wanted. Tarasov married again, two children were born in this marriage, and Buzova literally burst into Russian show business.


Olga Buzova and Dmitry Tarasov in February 2014

When Olga's first track "To the Sound of Kisses" came out, many thought that this would be the end of it. But Buzov could no longer be stopped - songs, video clips, concerts, tours. Someone reproached Olga for simply hyping at the divorce, because interest in her became frenzied precisely after parting with Tarasov. By the way, it should be noted that the divorce favorably affected the image of Buzova. She has changed. And it's not just hair color. Olya became, as it were, more restrained and strict in behavior and style. Yes, she still loves beads, balls and feathers, but there are much fewer of them in her life.

Meanwhile, there was complete calm on the personal front. But even this issue was approached by an enterprising bachelor as a real showman and in 2018 she organized the show "Marry Buzova" and it seemed like she even found a prince - cheese maker Denis Lebedev from Suzdal. But Olya again faced a fiasco. Lebedev was not who he claimed to be. According to the main version, he simply used the Instagram star to promote his own business. Olya and Denis's romance ended before it even began. And again experiences for the whole country ... However, Olya Buzova does not know how to do otherwise. Probably, it is for this that many fans love her.

Buzova met David Manukyan during the filming of the video for the song "Liker". Sympathy between the young people arose immediately. True, David, as it later turned out, really turned out to be just a liker and another man who used Buzova for his own benefit. He literally screamed about his great love for Olya and told how she changed his life. True, the fans had doubts, and, as it turned out, it was not in vain - everything is too pretentious. Some even thought the guys had a contract. But, on the other hand, why should Buzovoy promote some blogger? And Manukyan himself before her had an audience of several million. Although, of course, the relationship with Olya increased his popularity several times. A duet with Kirkorov himself would hardly have happened if not for Buzova, who has long been friends with the pop king, or the same “Dancing with the Stars” on the federal channel, where Dava got immediately after the completion of the “Ice Age” project, where Olya participated.


Olga Buzova and David Manukyan in November 2020

Buzova and Manukyan spent the New Year holidays together, and then there was a discord. The video from Olga's birthday at the Lastochka restaurant, where during the fireworks Dava approaches the birthday girl and she pushes him away, has spread all over the fan and anti-fan groups. At first there was a version that this was another PR move, but everything turned out that this is another PR move, but everything turned out differently. Olya herself on her Instagram partially revealed her cards, saying that David was rude to her, called her names and generally cheated on her. Many people immediately had a reasonable question: "Why did you endure this?" And Manukyan's mother, defending her son, went to the embrasure at all, writing that Buzov and Tarasov were beaten, and David, and everything in general ...

At her birthday on January 25, Olga Buzova told reporters that now it is very difficult for her, because all the events in her personal life, she is deeply worried. On this occasion, I would like to wish Olya "my people" not only in the ranks of fans, but also in her close circle and personal life. We are sure that in the near future Buzova will meet a person who will love her not because of her popularity and a multi-million audience, but because she is just Olya.


Olga Buzova and the Safronov brothers on her 35th birthday




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