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Gender change is just around the corner? 13-year-old son of Naomi Watts looks like a girl


It is known that the youngest son of Naomi Watts turned 13 in December last year. However, a teenage boy named Samuel looks more and more like a girl. He also regularly wears girlish things. It is possible that in the future he will decide on a sex change.

Actress Naomi Watts' son is growing up as a girl. For several years now, the paparazzi have been filming the youngest son of Hollywood actress Naomi Watts in women's outfits. This is how he walks the streets of the city, often in the company of a famous mother. Samuel has been dressing like a girl for years, with long blond hair and pretty features.


Naomi Watts Naomi Watts with her son

So the other day a photo of Naomi Watts with her son appeared on the Web. Samuel's breasts began to grow. Journalists do not exclude that soon the boy will ask his mother for a sex change operation. Yes, and she, according to the smile in the photo, will not be against such changes in the family.

Naomi Watts doesn't resist her son's wishes


The Hollywood actress does not hide the fact that her youngest son gravitates towards women's things. Moreover, he does not refuse him such new clothes. Naomi Watts in life adheres to the rule that her children themselves can decide what gender they will build their own destiny. In Russia, such experiments are not welcome. Naomi Watts Naomi Watts. Photo:


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