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From Nyusha to Valya Carnival: what we know about the brightest affairs of Egor Kreed


From Nyusha to Valya Carnival: what we know about the brightest novels of Egor Kreed Nyusha / Egor Kreed / Valya Carnival

The artist Egor Kreed, popular today among buzzers and millennials, does not hide the fact that he had many girls, but out of modesty he does not name the exact number. At one time, he was romantically linked with Miroslava Karpovich, Victoria Daineko, Klava Koka and other stars of Russian show business. At the same time, Kreed himself prefers not to advertise his relationship and only occasionally shares rare details of his personal life - after parting with another passion.

Today, Kreed is celebrating his 27th birthday, and we decided to remember his brightest romances. The article will not talk about the above girls, but only about those who were once especially close to Egor: singer Nyusha, model Xenia Deli, tiktok star Valya Carnival and not only.

Nyusha, 30 years old

The romance of Egor Kreed and Nyusha began in 2014. The couple was together for about two years and all this time they carefully concealed their relationship. Occasionally, of course, they appeared in public together, but they never officially confirmed that they were dating. In 2016, Egor and Nyusha broke up.


Nyusha and Egor Kreed  

There were many different theories among fans then about the reasons for the breakup of the star couple. Many, relying on the lyrics of Kreed's songs, concluded that Nyusha's father advised her to part with Egor: he was allegedly not satisfied with the unstable financial situation of the artist at that time.

And in fact, weeks flew by, everyone kept repeating to you: "He has no money." What the hell is love? Your dad's opinion is stronger - this is the line from Kreed's song "A Million Scarlet Roses", which, according to fans, he dedicated to Nyusha.


Egor Kreed and Nyusha

Egor himself first spoke openly about parting with Nyusha about two years ago in a conversation with Yuri Dud . He confirmed that the father of his ex-lover was skeptical from the very beginning and opposed their relationship.

He (Nyusha's father. - Ed.), I think, disliked me. Let me explain why I was personally uncomfortable in this relationship. Because we were sitting with her somewhere in a restaurant, and I clearly remember the phrase she said to me: “Listen, you even don’t have the money to pay for dinner?”. And then I really didn't have any money at all to pay, those were the first years of being on the label. And I remember that I saved up and immediately bought her gifts. I saved up and bought her a laptop for the New Year or for her birthday.

She has a wonderful mother, I love her madly, and we still congratulate each other on the holidays. But the rest of her large family, it seems to me, did not like me, because then I was not very good with finances. I was just in love and I didn't care - Kreed spoke about the relationship.


Egor Kreed

Egor also clarified that Nyusha announced she was leaving him suddenly, stating that she no longer loved him. With this phrase, she broke his heart. On the same day he went to a music studio and recorded the song "Berega", in which he expressed all the emotions from parting with Nyusha.

I'm tied by hand, because we are so alike. We want the same things from each other. A minute of silence after the words that you do not love. I'm free to breathe, but I don't need to breathe deeply without you . I changed myself radically, then what is the reason? Why did you grind sharp blades on my heart. Happiness was so close, and we know it. I blame myself for this, because we appreciate when we lose - Egor sings in the song "Berega", which he still considers the most sincere and touching in his repertoire.


Nyusha and Egor Kreed

Soon after these confessions of Egor, Nyusha broke the silence on this topic. The star admitted that at first she was very offended by her ex-boyfriend when he publicly told the press about their separation. It took the singer a while to forgive Egor and realize that he has every right to share this story. At the same time,  Nyusha presented her version of the main reasons for breaking up with Kreed. According to the singer, her father had nothing to do with this. My opinion about this situation is that Egor certainly had certain complexes due to the fact that he was still making a little money then, was not so successful and was not sure of himself. And at that moment he thought that this was the reason. I blamed more of him, and he blamed my dad more. This is his opinion, and it seems to me that everyone has their own truth. And so it can be all my life, - said the star, specifying that she initially began dating Egor, without taking into account his financial situation.


Nyusha and Egor Kreed

Last summer, Egor Kreed and Nyusha managed to establish good relations for the first time after parting. Together they even recorded a duet song called Mr. & Ms. Smith and released a music video, according to the plot of which they played a wedding .

Me and you, like Mr. and Mrs. Smith, But this is not love, so no offense. I'm going home, don't call me. If I dial, don't pick up the phone, - Egor and Nyusha sing in the song Mr. & Ms. Smith. Nyusha and Egor Kreed in the "Mr. & Ms. Smith" music video.


Nyusha and Egor Kreed in the ""Mr. & Ms. Smith" music video.

Nyusha admitted that this collaboration with her ex-boyfriend happened by accident. The singer listened to the wishes of her fans, who asked her for a duet with Egor:

I thought that this is a very cool idea, that no one has ever done this, that there is no song dedicated to former exes, but in fact almost everyone has exes.


Nyusha Nyusha

At the same time, even before the song was recorded, Nyusha consulted on this matter with her husband Igor Sivov, who immediately supported her beloved and did not arrange scenes of jealousy for her. Igor is not worried that his wife communicates well with his ex, although many fans are convinced that Egor is still in love with Nyusha and dreams of renewing their romance. Egor Kreed and Nyusha


Ksenia Delhi, 31 years old

Soon after breaking up with Nyusha, Egor Kreed began dating photo model Xenia Deli. Their communication began with correspondence on Instagram, and then after a while they met in Los Angeles, where Deli lived at that time. Egor recalls this relationship as one of the best in his life.


Egor Kreed and Xenia Deli with friends 

This is probably one of the best relationships I've had. I remember the magical moment when she walks into either a restaurant or a hookah lounge, I look at her and understand: "This is exactly what I need." Those same butterflies in the stomach begin to play. We met on Instagram, she arrived, it was Los Angeles. I was sitting next to her, about an hour passed, we talked, and I really really liked her. And suddenly she says that she has to go. I say: "No, no, no, wait, stop, let's just sit still a little." She replies that a boyfriend is waiting for her, and she needs to go. And then I realize that I have only one chance. I suggested that we go to the Hollywood Hills for half an hour, have a heart-to-heart talk and disperse. We went there at about 12 and stayed there until seven in the morning. The next morning she broke up with her boyfriend, and we started dating, - recalled Kreed in an interview.


Egor Kreed and Xenia Deli. 

The romance of Egor Kreed and Xenia Deli lasted only a few months. At the same time, on the initiative of Egor, they hid from fans that they were meeting. Kreed immediately told his beloved that he was against publicity when it comes to personal life. This position of the boyfriend hurt Xenia, and once she even decided to teach him a lesson. One day she simply stopped communicating with Kreed, after which her photos and videos with Justin Bieber hit social networks . The pictures were taken during their date in one of the restaurants in Los Angeles: Xenia and Justin talk sweetly and play the piano together. Deli met a western star on the set of his What Do You Mean musi video, where she played one of the roles. Then Egor was very offended by Xenia, called her "washed-up" and said that they were parting.


Xenia Deli 


Soon the couple reconciled, but after a while they broke up again - already completely. The reason could be Xenia's romance with an Egyptian billionaire. Soon after breaking up with Kreed, Deli married a new chosen one, who is 30 years older than her, and gave birth to a child . Many Internet users then decided that the model got married solely for the sake of financial well-being. However, Kreed is convinced that Xenia probably has sincere feelings for the Egyptian billionaire.


Xenia Deli with her husband Ossama Fathi Rabah al-Sharif

Initially, there was some kind of financial story, and then for some reason she could fall in love. But she's just such a pretty girl. She absolutely does not need such a method. She's really pretty, so I think she would never have a problem finding someone. Therefore, it is her choice.  - said Kreed.

Egor still treats the ex-lover well and even publicly congratulated her on the birth of her daughter. 

Victoria Odintsova, 27 years old

In 2016, Egor Kreed had an affair with the leading model of the Russian agency Mavrin Models and instadiva Victoria Odintsova. With Victoria, as well as with his previous girlfriend Xenia Deli, Egor met on Instagram. He wrote to her in direct and offered to star in his "I like it" music video.

In the music video, the model really starred, after which their relationship with Egor quickly grew from working to romantic. Soon after the end of filming, the couple went to rest in Greece, and after a while they appeared together on the 22nd birthday of the singer. As usual, Egor hid his affair from the press. The couple was together for about five months, and Victoria spoke frankly about this affair only in an interview on Laura Jugelia's YouTube channel last year.


Vicky Odintsova and Egor Kreed

Egor and I did not hide our relationship, we walked together, rested, I went with him to concerts. But I just wanted to keep it to myself. We met for about five months. I felt good with him. I needed a man, not his fame, - admitted Odintsova.

Kreed himself still does not comment on this relationship in an interview with reporters.


Victoria Odintsova and Egor Kreed

Daria Klyukina, 27 years old

With the model Daria Klyukin Egor Kreed met in 2018 on the show "The Bachelor". From the very beginning of the project, the singer did not hide his sympathy for Dasha and distinguished her from the rest of the participants. In the finale of the show, Egor quite predictably presented the ring to Klyukina, and their relationship lasted outside the project - albeit not for long.


Daria Klyukina and Egor Kreed on the "Bachelor" project 

Egor talked about the reasons for parting with Dasha. He hinted that in their relationship, Klyukina was more interested in Kreed's glory than himself:

On our first date, I asked her if she was ready to delete her Instagram. She said, "Yes, of course. I don't need any of this." When the project ended, I looked from the outside at what she said about the other participants. I thought: maybe I don't know her like that? Then our relationship came to naught. Four months passed, and we met with her. She said she loved me and had great feelings for me. I asked: "Are you ready to delete the post on Instagram right now? And she told me:" Fuf, of course not! Why would I suddenly delete my post on Instagram? This is my audience! "I replied:" This is my audience. "


Daria Klyukina and Egor Kreed

Klyukina became famous after participating in the "Bachelor". A large number of advertising offers immediately fell on her: Dasha became popular on Instagram , became the face of Always, and also began to actively attend social events. Soon after the end of the project, Klyukina married the top manager of Gazprom-Media, Vladimir Chopov, who is 14 years older than her. It is he who now helps the girl in all endeavors, including her musical career .


Daria Klyukina and Egor Kreed on the "Bachelor" project


Daria Klyukina and Egor Kreed on the "Bachelor" project 

Dina Saeva, 21 years old

Egor Kreed has a difficult relationship with the Russian TikTok star Dina Saeva. In 2020, Egor and Dina began to actively shoot videos, after which the fans immediately suspected that they were having an affair. Kreed and Saeva did not comment on their relationship, but only fueled interest in the topic, continuing to shoot joint videos.


Dina Saeva and Egor Kreed 

However, after some time, the relationship between the singer and the TikTok star went wrong. The reason for the quarrel was Dina's unsuccessful joke over the duet song of Kreed and his ex-lover Nyusha. Then Saeva said that Egor was just hyping up on his relationship with his ex, for whom he once had real feelings.

Egor did not remain silent and immediately responded to Dina's remark on his instagram. He stated that the main reason for this behavior by Saeva is banal jealousy: Such a long performance, so pretentious. Obviously, it was not me who started the conflict, why all this lies and provocations? But you continue to make excuses, fuss, look insecure, because inside you understand and, most importantly, you know the whole truth. The reason is quite simple - jealousy, rejection of the undivided and, as a result, aggression.


Egor Kreed Egor Kreed

Dina responded quickly. She confirmed that she and Kreed really had mutual sympathy, but at the same time explained why their relationship did not work out.

I tried not to say anything bad. But I want to explain to everyone what an idol he really is. This is a disgusting person who used me for his own purposes. Everyone saw how we liked each other. Thank God I didn't even kiss on the lips with you! You wanted to defame my honor and thought that they would believe you. You called me to shoot at one in the morning, knowing that I would agree for your blue eyes. Yes, there was sympathy, but I am glad that my love disappeared when I recognized your essence. What a pity that many people don't know anything about you! - said Dina.


Dina Saeva and Egor Kreed

Saeva also threatened Kreed that she would reveal his other secrets if he did not stop throwing mud at her on social networks. As an argument, she mentioned Egor's story with the winner of the "Bachelor" project Daria Klyukina, hinting that she knows many things that discredit the artist's reputation.


Dina Saeva Dina Saeva

Egor did not answer this passage of the TikTok star- they simply blocked each other on Instagram. More recently, social media users suspected that Kreed and Saeva not only made up, but also started dating. These thoughts were prompted by the posts of the stars on Instagram: attentive followers noticed that Egor and Dina often publish photos from the same concerts and other places. In addition, in these pictures, Kreed and Saeva pose in the same hoodies from the same brand. Based on all this, netizens assumed that the singer and the tiktoker were wearing paired hoodies because they were dating. According to another version, Egor let Dina star in his sweatshirt, which again indicates a rather close relationship between them. The stars themselves are still intriguing on this topic.


Dina Saeva and Egor Kreed

Valya Carnival, 19 years old

Following Egor Kreed, he became close to another TikTok star, Valya Karnaval, who currently boasts an army of 16.6 million fans. The girl became famous on the network thanks to her short videos, and then, in the wake of her success, she began to record songs. The girl's very first track called "Psycho" instantly became popular among young people and for many weeks was kept in the chart of the best Russian tracks on Apple Music. By the way, recently a beginning singer had a conflict with Larisa Dolina just on the basis of creativity.

For the first time, Valya and Egor's romance became known at the end of 2020. They began filming tiktoks and more often appearing in public together. Kreed and Carnival spent New Year's holidays together in Dubai, after which videos circulated on social networks in which they cutely communicate and behave like a couple. The lovers did not comment on the rumors about their romance until the moment when Varya finally spoke about it in her stories.

Over the past month, I have received messages: "Your boyfriend will be called Egor", "You will meet this New Year with your soul mate." Well, since it comes to that, I want to officially confirm our relationship with Egor! We do not hide them! - said Varya.


Valya Carnival and Egor Kreed with friends 

Carnival starred in Egor's "Girl from the Picture" music video. Fans, by the way, are convinced that Kreed dedicated this track to Valya:

This girl is top, cooler than Photoshop. Bullets in the heart like a Glock. You're not ready for her. Your head climbs These lines for songs. She's not around, yes, infuriates, But once you fell in love - get it. This girl from the picture, I like her elastic bands on her hair so much, Just don't divide us into halves. I love her, she loves parties.

In the spring, fans suspected that not everything was going smoothly in the relationship between Egor Kreed and Valya Carnival. These thoughts of the fans were prompted not only by the sad posts of the stars in social networks, but also by Egor Kreed's song "The Voice", released at that time. Attentive fans noticed that Valya's laughter sounds on the recording, and also decided that in the song test, the singer was talking about Valya, as well as her difficult self-harming experience:

I removed everything spicy from the house - I'm not talking about food, After all, these lines on your body do not suit you. I know it hurts to see emptiness instead of pain, And it's so hard for me to forget all your simplicity. On the wrist - "Rolex", And under them - stripes. Your hair is on my bed. I listen to the voices with your voice. You know, I can't handle this pain on my own. 


Valya Carnival

A little later, Egor released another track called "(Not) ideal", explaining that he dedicated her to a very important person in his life at the very beginning of their relationship. To whom exactly Kreed dedicated this song, he did not tell, however, fans immediately realized that it was about Valya.


Valya Carnival and Egor Kreed

And if some fans are convinced that the story of Valya and Egor was originally a PR romance, others believe in the sincerity of their feelings and believe that they went through a difficult period of relations and are still together. The singer and the tiktoker are silent on this topic, therefore, what exactly is happening in their relationship, fans can only guess for now.


Valya Carnival 


Egor Kreed Egor Kreed Egor himself did not officially confirm his affair with Valya, so many fans are convinced that at the moment he is alone and is in search of not only his style (as evidenced by his constant experiments with hair and manicure!), But also true love.


Egor Kreed


Egor Kreed


Egor Kreed PHOTO Instagram 

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