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From love to hate: Nastya Kamenskih and Potap



The long-awaited wedding of Nastya and Potap took place in 2019. Although the couple sparked dating rumors from the beginning of the duet's work, there were always various rumors that Nastya and Potap were not on very good terms. In fact, it was, at the beginning of his career.

Potap was looking for an R'n'B performer for his songs and met Nastya. At first, there were small differences, apparently rubbing against each other in terms of work. The surname of Kamenskih was borrowed from Nastya's mother, this is her maiden, since dad's surname did not sound beautiful for the stage.


The duo began performing in Ukraine, the audience liked the repertoire, and the couple attracted many fans, and Nastya was repeatedly recognized as the most beautiful performer in Ukraine.

Potap wrote, Nastya sang. The couple found a common language and already began to conquer Russia and the CIS.


Change of the image of Potap and Nastya.

The fact is that Nastya sparked more than once pregnancy rumors due to her curves, but everything was banal and simple, as the performer herself admitted, she simply put on weight due to an irregular schedule. Thanks to the support of Potap, Nastya was able to lose a lot of extra pounds, at the same time Potap also lost weight. It is worth noting that this new transformation benefited the duo and the fans appreciated it.


The fans were not particularly surprised that Nastya and Potap got married, and so everyone predicted a love relationship for them, even though Potap was married, but how can you resist the first beauty, with whom you spend more time than with whom you would whatever it was.


Even the beginning of a solo career, announced by Nastya in 2017, did not affect the development of the relationship. After all, Potap still continued to write songs for Kamenskih and not only. ■



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