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From betrayal of common-law husbands to marriage with Louis Garrel. Laetitia Casta's path to happiness


At 15, she began to conquer world runways and grace the covers of glossy magazines, and today the whole world knows Laetitia Casta as a star of advertising and cinema. But if in her career everything went like clockwork, then she didn't get lucky in the personal life for a long time.

Летиция Каста

Laetitia Casta

We can't believe it, but on May 11, Laetitia Casta turns 42. The star is still in good shape, although her body has never been plasticized. In addition, the artist has extremely sensitive skin, so she does not wear makeup at all outside the set. It was the desire for naturalness that many years ago helped the girl from a small provincial town to become famous all over the world.

But nobody succeeded in putting the model on a strict diet, which influenced the fashion industry of the 90s a lot: Casta was slim, but with curves.

She became the prototype for the national symbol of France, a rose variety was named after her. It seemed that fans should lie down in stacks at the feet of such a woman. Men really admired Leticia, but her relationship failed over and over again. Why were the top models unlucky in love, and who still managed to make her happy?


В детстве Летиция Каста страдала от комплексов

As a child, Laetitia Casta suffered from complexes

The future star of the catwalks was born in the tiny French city of Pont-Odom in a simple working-class family. Parents did their best to provide for three children: Jean-Baptiste, Laetitia and Marie-Ange. From her brother and sister, Laetitia Casta was distinguished by unbending stubbornness combined with surprising insecurity: the girl considered herself stupid and ugly. Could a notorious teenager even dream of a dizzying career in show business?

The girl was 15 when, during a family vacation in her father's homeland, the island of Corsica, she was noticed by a representative of a modeling agency. Unexpectedly for herself, Letizia, in a modest fishing suit, became a participant in a local beauty contest, and then received an invitation to a professional photo session. Despite her father's anxiety and outright dissatisfaction, Casta agreed to radically change her previous life and plunge into the world of the fashion industry.

A few months later, the aspiring model starred in an advertisement for a popular clothing brand and instantly became the idol of young people: there was something childishly naive and at the same time sensual in her appearance. The face of a provincial girl appeared on the covers of prestigious glossy magazines, and at 18 she joined the ranks of Victoria's Secret "angels". Soon Letizia was already christened the muse of Yves Saint Laurent, although at first she hardly dared to speak to the designer. “And he seems to be, too,” said Casta. - But he said two or three phrases that have illuminated my whole life. For the first time in my life, a man told me that I was beautiful. " Laetitia Casta influenced the fashion world.

Later, those around her called her not only attractive, but also talented. The debut of the model in the cinema took place in 1999 with the role of Falbala in Asterix and Obelix. Obviously, the image of a meek, but attractive girl was appreciated not only by ordinary viewers, but also by the French government: next year Letizia was chosen as the prototype of Marianne, the national symbol of the country.

The actress's film career continued with roles in the films Strong Souls, Delusion, Born in 68, and reached its climax in 2010 with the release of Gainsbourg. The love of a bully. " In the drama, Laetitia played Brigitte Bardot, and the model's image of the legendary star delighted critics. The artist's filmography expanded every year: "Nightmare Behind the Wall", "Vicious Passion", "Honest Man". With pleasure, the directors called Casta into theatrical performances, for example, in "Scenes from Married Life" by Bergman. No wonder: the actress had a lot to tell about her relationship experience.


Роман Летиции со Стефаном Седнауи продлился три года

Letizia's romance with Stefan Sednaoui lasted three years.

It is not easy to realize that the owner of an impeccable figure Letizia Caste has three children, but in stellar circles she has long been recognized as a wonderful mother. But the actress gave birth to heirs from different men, since she failed to create a strong family on the first attempt.

The artist's daughter Satine appeared in a relationship with photographer Stefan Sednaoui. The couple's stormy romance lasted three years, and ended due to the constant betrayal of the man. After such disappointment, the model believed that she would remain alone for a long time, but in 2003 she changed her mind when she met the actor Stefano Accorsi in Naples.

Letizia let new feeling take the most of her, and soon she went with the chosen one on vacation to Corsica. Accorsi was not only not embarrassed by the fact that Casta took her daughter on the trip, but on the contrary, easily got along with the girl. In this civil marriage, the children Orlando and Athena were born.

For 10 years, fans watched the happy couple, when suddenly announced their breakup. When asked why this happened, the model replied at length that love was over.

“Why stay together when you've changed to lie? I envy those who do this, but I cannot stand a lie. I prefer to go where my instinct takes me. I have two children with Stefano, because I loved him. But I want to grow old with fire in my eyes, ”the star reasoned.

С актером Стефано Аккорси Каста провела 10 лет

Casta spent 10 years with actor Stefano Accorsi.

Did the surrounding confessions of Letizia believe? Many believed that the civil marriage collapsed when a third party appeared in history: immediately after parting with the actress, Accorsi began to be seen in the company of the young fashion model Bianca Vitali. However, Casta did not lag behind her former lover - she soon began an affair with assistant director Lorenzo Duarte.

Letizia drew attention to Lorenzo on the set of the movie "Girlfriends", but outside of work, the relationship did not develop. The couple was rarely noticed in public for one reason: this time, Casta did not want to share the details of her personal life with the public. Or maybe the actress just felt that nothing serious would come of an affair with an assistant director? One way or another, two years later, those around them forgot to think about the unfortunate Duarte, because the idol of the French, Louis Garrel, appeared on the horizon.


Луи Гаррель младше Летиции на пять лет

Louis Garrel is five years younger than Laetitia

In the spring of 2015, foreign tabloids were full of headlines that Laetitia Casta was caught kissing with Louis Garrel in the Latin Quarter of Paris. Haters complained that the star of The Dreamers was five years younger than the famous model, while fans considered Louis a worthy contender for the role of boyfriend. Netizens also noted that the artists deserved personal happiness after all the tests of the past: Garrel was left with a stormy romance with Valeria Bruni-Tedeschi, with whom he adopted a girl from Senegal, which, however, did not save the relationship. You shouldn't even stutter about the fears of Letizia, tired of betrayal of men, but she dared to dive into the pool again.


The secret wedding of Laetitia Casta sparked discussion on the Web. How was Louis different from her past gentlemen? Firstly, the actor inspired the model to new achievements: next to the chosen one, she decided to try herself as a director, and later presented the author's short film in Cannes. Secondly, only with Garrel Casta tried on the role of the bride and wife - the lovers celebrated a modest secret wedding on June 10, 2017 in Corsica. “If a man has three wives, they will say about him:“ What a seducer! ”. And when a woman has three husbands, what do we hear? That's just it. “She's kind of strange,” - that's what, ”- explained Letizia's attitude to the stamp in the passport.

Супруги сыграли главные роли в фильме «Честный человек»

The spouses played the main roles in the film "An Honest Man"

The spouses were called the ideal couple, perhaps the most harmonious among French stars. Having ceased to hide the union, the actors appeared everywhere together. And not only at social events, but also on the screen: in the film "Honest Man" the main roles were played by Garrel and Casta.

"I was captivated by his awkwardness, cheerfulness, ardor, intelligence. I must also say about his humor. He is very funny. I'm never bored with him! " - told Letizia about her husband. The people around do not doubt that the spouses will release more than one joint film project, because they draw inspiration from each other. Fans do not lose hope that Casta will give birth to one more child. “I live in the moment,” the model noted. "I'm not planning anything, but who knows."

Based on materials from Tatler, Vanity Fair, Photo: OLIVIER BORDE / BESTIMAGE, EDB Image Archive, a.berti / Legion-Media, Alexis DUCLOS, Mario Magnani, Pool ARNAL / Getty Images, still from The Honest Man




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