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Found richer than Johnny Depp: Amber Heard confirmed her affair with the billionaire Elon Musk

The actress and her boyfriend Elon Musk shared joint pictures on Instagram. The new boyfriend of Amber Heard Elon Musk is sitting on a fortune of 15 billion. 


The secret affair of Amber Hurd became explicit: rumors that the former spouse of Johnny Depp after the divorce picked up one of the richest bachelors of the planet, finally confirmed. The actress has been dating the founder of the corporation Tesla and SpaceX, the billionaire Elon Musk for several months, but the paparazzi, despite all the efforts, have not photographed them together. And now the couple decided to declare their status - Elon and Amber shared joint pictures on Instagram.

On weekends Elon visited Australia at work, and took Amber with him as a companion. Lovers took a walk in the Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary, and then went to the restaurant for dinner. There they were photographed at a table. In the picture, shared to Instagram, Musk is seen with Amber's red lipstick mark on face. The actress seemed to "stake out" the territory and hinted to everyone: this man is mine! 

The fact that the couple is going steady had already been told by Amber's father. According to him, the couple does not just live together, but also is going to get married. According to sources, Elon, who has several projects related to the film business, first noticed Amber on the set in 2013. He then starred in the "Machete Kills" in one of the title roles. Elon Musk was so eager to impress the blonde that he asked Rodriguez to introduce him to Amber. But later Amber married Johnny Depp. And only after a scandalous divorce from the star of "Pirates of the Caribbean", she drew attention to the Mask. He, incidentally, was also not free and only recently filed for divorce with his second wife, British actress Talulah Riley. 

Elon's forune is estimated at 15 billion dollars. Compared to him, millions of Johnny Depp look just pathetic. In addition, recently the actor is experiencing financial difficulties - not the leat for the desire to spoil Amber. The actor's wealth seriously damaged by expensive gifts: jewelry, flights by private planes and island property in the Caribbean Sea.

In January, 53-year-old Johnny sued his former financial consultants from the The Management Group for allegedly forcing him for years and profiting from his condition. The artist requires $ 25 million in compensation for "inefficient management." Financiers did not remain silent: they filed a counterclaim against the actor, and at the same time made public a list of his spending in recent years. Ex-managers of Depp called him a big spender - he himself misused his money. According to them, he refused to change his way of life and live within his means.

According to the financiers, life at a high pace costs Johnny $ 2 million monthly. He spent 30 thousand dollars a month on wine. And also on yachts, mansions, collections of rare things, gifts to relatives and ex-wives.

Meanwhile, financial difficulties did not stop Depp from starting a new affair. The new artist's passion is also a blonde, and 30 years younger than him. They say Johnny fell in love with actress Lucy Boynton, with whom he starred in the movie "Murder on the Orient Express." For the sake of a new girlfriend, Depp is even ready to move to the UK where Lucy lives. A new level of their relationship successfully coincided with the working schedule of Johnny. He begins to shoot in the continuation of the picture "Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them", which will be held in England.

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