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Florence Pugh was urged to lose weight and change appearance for the sake of filming


Florence Pugh/

Florence Pugh told in a new interview how at the age of 19 she got a role in an American TV series, but the producers set her tough conditions - she needed to change her appearance a lot.

We are talking about a show called Studio City, where the British actress was to play an aspiring pop star. Florence was extremely happy that she received such an offer, but the joy was short-lived. As soon as the girl was approved, the producers began to list what did not suit them in her. “Everything they thought I had to change about myself — my weight, image, face shape, eyebrow shape — that’s what I didn’t want to change,” Pugh says. According to her, at that moment she became disillusioned with the industry and thought that she "made a huge mistake" by choosing a career as an actress.

As a result, she did not have to change anything in herself: the company postponed the shooting indefinitely, and Florence returned to England. A couple of weeks later, she auditioned for the film "Lady Macbeth", which later became her big break. The independent film was released in 2016 and, according to Florence, made her "fall in love with cinema again." “Such a movie allows you to have your own opinion, to be loud, it’s close to me,” the actress says. “It’s very easy for people from this industry to make you do what they want. But I was lucky at the age of 19 to understand what kind of actress I want to be ".

Florence has repeatedly criticized the industry and social media for lookism. So, the story that happened during the Venice Film Festival this year received a great response. On the red carpet, the actress appeared in a dress that exposed her breasts - in social networks they immediately began to discuss the appearance of the actress, criticizing her body. Florence was hurt by this and made a public comment : "It's interesting to see how easy it is for men to 'destroy' a woman's body, publicly, proudly, in front of everyone. Many of you insistently wanted to let me know how disappointed you are with my" tiny breasts ", and how ashamed I should be because I have such a "flat chest". Fortunately, I have come to terms with the features of my body that make me who I am. <...> I am fully aware of my chest size and do not I'm afraid of him."supported by many celebrities.


Florence Pugh in "Lady Macbeth"/Still from the film Florence Pugh in "Lady Macbeth"/Still from the film Pugh has several high-profile premieres scheduled for 2023, including Dune 2, where she starred with Timothée Chalamet, and Oppenheimer, with Cillian Murphy.

Of the latest most discussed projects with her participation is the thriller "Don't Worry, Sunshine" by Olivia Wilde. There were many rumors in the press about an alleged conflict between Wilde and Pugh. Olivia herself denies these rumors and publishes photos from the filming, where she is captured with Florence.

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