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Flamenco and bullfighting: Maria Sharapova Throws Birthday Party for her boyfriend Alexander Gilkes ​​


Tennis player spent a weekend in the company of the birthday man, his family and best friends.

A week ago, on July 16, friend of Prince Harry and ex-boyfriend of Pippa Middleton Alex Gilkes ​​turned 40! On this occasion, the owner of the auction house decided not to trifle and celebrate the anniversary with a simple theme party in the flamenco style, but to transfer it to the homeland of this passionate dance - in Spain. So the millionaire took for a couple of days to Andalusia his relatives, friends and beloved Maria Sharapova.

The company stayed in a country house with stables and arranged a thematic photo shoot, for which Alexander tried on the image of a burning Spaniard bullfighter in a white jacket and wide-brimmed hat, and Maria - a seductive flamenco dancer in a red dress and a wreath of flowers. In the photos that Alex and Maria posted on Instagram, their mutual friends, the Dutch model Rianne Ten Haken, Margot Pascal Derksen and Natalya Blaskovichova, pose with them. In the captions to the photo, Alex summed up not only these days in Spain, but also the last years of his life:

An unforgettable weekend. But hell, am I really 40? The past 10 years ran too fast: I took risks, made mistakes, sometimes built worthwhile and sometimes insecure relationships, traveled the world and continued to learn new things. What awaits me in the next 10 years?

Alexander Gilkes ​​with parents, friends and lover Maria Sharapova

Margot Pascal Derksen, Rianne Ten Haken and Natalya Blaskovichova

Generally, themed weekends are typical for this couple. In January, Maria and Alex spent several days in St. Petersburg in the Russian style - they went to the Mariinsky Theater, visited the Hermitage and ate sandwiches with red caviar.

Recall, Alex Gilkes ​​- co-founder and president of the auction house Paddle8, specializing in the visual arts and collectibles. He is also a board member of the New York Academy of the Arts. The romance of the athlete and one of the most enviable grooms of England became known in January 2018, when the couple was caught at the Los Angeles airport. And in the summer they were captured together during a vacation in Italy, where the couple no longer hid feelings for each other.

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