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Fedor Smolov's ex-girlfriend Miranda Shelia married Grigory Mamurin, a blogger and grandson of a billionaire



Miranda Shelia and Grigory Mamurin

28-year-old instamodel Miranda Shelia last Sunday married the controversial blogger Grigory Mamurin (now the young man is just over 20 years old). Ex-beloved of the football player Fyodor Smolov and the grandson of the late Khabarovsk billionaire Igor Neklyudov exchanged rings and vows at the Barvikha registry office of the capital.


Miranda Shelia and Grigory Mamurin 

The newlyweds did not arrange a magnificent celebration, and only relatives and closest friends were invited to the painting, including Miranda's close friend, singer Keti Topuria.  Shelia walked down the aisle in a modest white dress to fit her figure, complementing her image with an elegant bouquet of fragrant peonies.

Miranda posted a picture, in which she showed off her wedding ring, with the caption: "I said yes!" 


Many Internet users learned about the relationship between Shelia and Mamurin after their wedding. Until that moment, young people did not advertise their affair and did not post joint pictures on social networks.


Miranda Shelia and Grigory Mamurin with a friend 

By the way, many sports fans knew about Miranda's previous relationship, because her former lover was the footballer Fedor Smolov. They began dating shortly after his divorce from Victoria Lopyreva in 2015. The girl did not hide that she dreamed of building a strong family with the athlete, but after about six months the couple broke up. Then the model admitted that Fedor left her. Smolov himself has always refrained from commenting on this.

Miranda herself is from Rostov-on-Don. Many years ago she moved to Moscow, where she began her career as a model. Shelia never participated in fashion shows, because of her height: she is about 167 centimeters. In the capital, Miranda met Fyodor Smolov. By the way, many fans of the football player during the years of their romance noted Shelia's external resemblance to the Russian top model Irina Shayk.


Miranda Shelia 

Miranda's new chosen one is also a fairly well-known person on social networks. He became famous about six years ago thanks to the scandalous videos on YouTube. The grandson of billionaire Neklyudov filmed a video in which he offered passers-by for money to perform rather strange and sometimes unpleasant challenges: for example, drinking urine or eating expired food.


Grigory Mamurin

The young man, who at that time was about 16 years old, called this project a "social experiment". According to rumors, the famous grandfather of Gregory was not enthusiastic about his activities on YouTube and did not want such fame for his grandson. Igor Neklyudov, who died of a heart attack in 2018, was a very successful businessman in the Far East. He owned the Dal-TV television company, the Dalregiostroy construction company, the Gigant cinema network, and more. The total volume of his assets was estimated at 150 billion rubles.

Over time, Mamurin settled down and went into the hotel business. In 2017, information appeared in the Khabarovsk press that the young man was planning to open a four-star hotel in Moscow. How Gregory's business is developing now is unknown. The young man leads a closed lifestyle, and only people from his closest circle have access to his Instagram page.


Grigory Mamurin


Grigory Mamurin


Miranda Shelia


Miranda Shelia and Grigory Mamurin 





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