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Fedor Bondarchuk and Paulina Andreeva became parents



The director's nephew told when he first suspected that the spouses were expecting a baby

A year and a half after the wedding, Fyodor Bondarchuk and Paulina Andreeva became parents. The young mother herself shared the good news on Instagram.

- Ivan Fedorovich Bondarchuk: 03/02/2021, - Paulina laconically captured the photo with a baby bump.


Paulina Andreeva shared the good news on Instagram.

For the 32-year-old actress, this baby became the firstborn, and her famous husband already has children from a marriage with Svetlana Bondarchuk (nee Rudskaya). The director's son Sergei will turn 30 this year, and his daughter Varvara will be 22 years old. In addition, 53-year-old Bondarchuk is twice a grandfather: his granddaughters are 8 and 6 years old.

It is noteworthy that no one knew about Paulina Andreeva's pregnancy: the spouses kept this event a secret. At rare social events and on television, the actress appeared in loose-fitting clothes, hiding a baby bump. Only in September, at the Kinotavr festival, to enter the red carpet, Fyodor Bondarchuk's wife chose a tight dress with a deep and high neckline. But then it was the fourth month of pregnancy, and the public did not notice any changes in the figure of the actress.

Komsomolskaya Pravda has not yet been able to personally congratulate the young parents: both Fedor Sergeevich and Paulina do not answer their calls. The ex-wife of the director Svetlana and his nephew-actor Konstantin Kryukov did not want to communicate either.

And for another nephew of Bondarchuk, composer Ivan Burlyaev, the news of the addition to the family came as a surprise at all.

- I just found out myself, they threw off the link on Instagram - I didn't even have time to congratulate my uncle, - Ivan admitted. - Therefore, through you I send warm greetings to my namesake and cousin. And his six-month-old niece Polina Ivanovna, my daughter, also sends greetings to him. You know, we are all selflessly going about our business, we rarely see each other - so I was not aware that they were expecting a baby. Although lately, to be honest, I suspected. Such thoughts crept in when Paulina did not appear at the premiere of the film "The Little Humpbacked Horse, where she has a significant role, and I wrote the music for this movie. It was then that I thought: it's all for a reason ... And suddenly - such news. Very happy for them!

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