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"Fat Kösem Sultan": Turkish actress Nurgul Yesilcay told how she quickly managed to lose weight after the role of "fatty"


When you are entrusted with the role of your whole life, you can not fall into the dirt face. And if, after a resounding success, the artist’s appearance undergoes changes not for the better, then as a rule he tries to fix it somehow quickly so as not to lose the love of the public. Such a situation happened in the life of Turkish actress Nurgül Yeşilçay, who had to gain a decent amount of kilograms for a comedy role in the movie "Mahalleden Arkadaşlar", where she played a woman from the 90s. In addition to voluminous sides, she had to perm her hair and try on a colorful dressing gown with slippers. All her grace and aristocracy, with which she shone in the series “The Magnificent Age. Empire Kösem ”, where she played the title role of Kösem Sultan, have sunk into oblivion. It's just hard to believe how much people in a creative environment can change to show themselves"


The photo shows that the actress had to urgently change her diet and “sit down” on high-calorie foods to make the image very realistic and exciting. An Anatolian woman from the 90s, when filming ended, immediately rushed to get rid of her swollen waist and shared her diet with followers.


In order to lose weight quickly, I always follow a strict diet: I eat nothing for 16 hours and consume only egg whites and filter coffee for cellulite. I also drink a special mixture in the morning, which I call the "magic weight loss formula": I add half a lemon, a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar, half a teaspoon of turmeric, ginger powder and black pepper to a glass and drink this mixture on an empty stomach. It simultaneously speeds up the metabolism and burns fat. (personal experience of the author, consult a specialist before use)

Turkish actress Nurgul Yesilcay.


On the right is one of the last photos of the star of Turkish cinema. After the transformation from a curly-haired villager into a graceful city dweller, fans loves her even more. One can only admire the endurance of Nurgul, who manages to lose weight or gain weight so easily for successful roles. The other day, the Turkish woman turned 47 years old and even at the age she is still a sought-after actress with an excellent figure.

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