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Fanny Ardant was seen in the Moscow metro

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The famous French actress enjoyed the beauty of the capital's subway stations. Fanny Ardant was invited to Russia to discuss and agree on the proposal to work in one of the Moscow theaters. The actress will stay for some time in Moscow, and then travel to France to take the final decision.

The well-known French theater and film actress Fanny Ardant arrived in Moscow the day before. Despite the fact that many celebrities are afraid to travel by public transport, the world star has decided to go down to the Moscow metro to see with her own eyes the unique architecture of the Moscow subway.

"I like to be here, in Russia. Your metro is very beautiful, "- said Fanny Ardant".

Of course, the true purpose of arrival in Moscow of the French actress is not a review of the city's attractions. Star received an offer to take part in one of the most interesting projects. However, while she tries to keep her future plans a secret.

Despite the fact that Fanny was wearing sunglasses and was trying not to attract too much attention, the fans immediately were able to identify the celebrity. Ardan looked quite elegant, as a true Frenchwoman. Her image was refined and impeccable - actress chose a white blouse and a black skirt.

It is not the first visit of the legend of the French cinema to the Russian capital. Two years ago, the famous actress came to Moscow to present the film and the play with her participation. And in 2003, Fanny Ardant was awarded an honorary award - at the 25th Moscow International Film Festival she received the Stanislavsky prize, which is awarded for outstanding acting achievements.

Throughout his artistic career Ardant appeared in over 60 films. Fanny is not limited to work in any particular genre - she can be seen in the light comedy and drama, and adventure film. But Ardan tries her hand not only as an actress. A few years ago, as the film's director she presented to the audience a family drama "Ashes and Blood".

"I received an offer to work in Russia, it is connected with the theater. But while I do not want to reveal all the secrets. Now I meet with Russian counterparts to discuss all the details. Then come back to France, will consider the proposal and take a final decision, "- she opened the secret.

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