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Ex-girlfriend of Justin Bieber Xenia Deli starred in the New Music Video

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Top model Xenia Deli played in the “Hot” debut video of Russian singer Roma Stein.

26-year-old wife of 62-year-old Egyptian tycoon Xenia Deli, the star of Justin Bieber’s “What do u mean?” video, left a luxury home and flew a private jet to Moscow, where her friends and colleagues, who had been present at the wedding on the island of Santorini, were waiting for her. Meeting some friends, the star of social networks started to work. We are talking about the shooting of Roma Stein’s "Hot" music video. 

Photo: personal archive of Roma Stein

Wife of a businessman and Russian boy, growing up in an orphanage in Smolensk, met on a social media platform. The young man, a few years following Xenia’s "Instagram", offered her to star in his music video, and told in a few sentences the story of his difficult life. According to Xenia, she immediately turned into the story of Roma and gave her consent to perform in his video for free.

- I am from a small town in Moldova Basarabeasca and I know how difficult it is to start a career without the support. I think he deserves a little bit of magic, so I wanted to help him, and responded to a request to perform in his video for the song "Hot", - told Xenia Deli.

Photo: personal archive of Roma Stein

Xenia Deli became widely known after the release of the video of Justin Bieber What do u mean? However, Deli was already attracting attention from the singer’s fans after the model was recently spotted getting cozy with Bieber on what appeared to be a date. However, their relationship did not last long. Then she dated Russian singer Egor Kreed. However, this romantic affair also did not last long. In June this year, 26-year-old Xenia Deli blew up the Internet with her marriage to 62- year-old owner of real estate development and logistics company "Amiran".

“Hot" wasn’t Deli’s first time in a music video. She has been the featured model in several videos for international artists like Canadian singer Justin Bieber “What do you mean?”, Russian vocalist Nikolay Baskov’s “Zaya, I Love You” and Moldavian singer Ionel Istrati’s “Wake Me Up.”


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