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Ex-girlfriend of Jared Leto marries "sugar" billionaire


Russian ex-girlfriend of Jared Leto marries "sugar" billionaire Beauty

Valery Kaufman received a marriage proposal in a picturesque place. Most recently, one of the most enviable suitors in Hollywood, Jared Leto, broke up with model Valeria Kaufman.

According to a long-standing theory of the actor's fans, Jared does not want a serious relationship and adheres to similar principles in life with his colleague Leonardo DiCaprio - and he, as we know, changes girls quite often. The solid list of Leto's former lovers is really impressive: you can find top models and famous actresses there - from Ashley Olsen to Paris Hilton. One of these lucky women was once Kaufman, a native of Moscow and a fashion model in demand.


The couple has been dating since the summer of 2019 - Jared even managed to introduce her to her mother, everything was very serious. However, in June 2022, the press started talking about the separation of a beautiful couple.



Like, they have not been seen together for a long time, and Jared spent the whole summer in Cannes with friends and relatives, and Valery was not seen among them. Moreover, he was spotted several times with a mysterious girl. And now everything has become clear - 28-year-old Kaufman told followers that she was getting married.


The girl shared a touching picture from a picturesque place - in the picture she was seen with diamond ring on her ring finger, kissing her lover. The groom turned out to be 27-year-old Dmitry Varsano from a family of French sugar magnates, whose fortune is estimated at 1.4 billion euros.



It turned out that the romance began last year, although many thought that the model broke up with Jared only in the summer of 2022. 

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