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Evgenia Medvedeva named one condition under which she is ready to act in films


The figure skater did not rule out that she would go into show business

Figure skater Medvedeva wants to act in films.

Figure skater Medvedev wants to act in films. Evgenia Medvedeva, two-time world and European champion in women's figure skating, did not deny that she could soon become part of Russian show business.

For the 22-year-old figure skater, show business is one of the possible options for continuing her career after she stops performing so actively on the ice.

“Our show business is music. I'm not going to sing yet, I can't say that the way is open for me there. Well, I play the ukulele, so what? ”Medvedeva reasoned in a conversation with "Match TV". The athlete assured that she was definitely not going to sing. 

But she will not refuse the offer to star in a feature film or TV series. But for the time being, she does not want to play in the theater or cinema on an ongoing basis.

“But if I don't need to play myself. I agree, because I didn’t have such an experience, ”Medvedeva clarified.

Note that Evgenia Medvedeva is now in Beijing. She will work for the upcoming Winter Olympics in the Chinese capital as a correspondent who will cover sports events, including reporting and commentary on the Olympic figure skating tournament. Together with Medvedeva, Alina Zagitova, the Olympic champion of Pyeongchang, went to Beijing in a similar role.

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