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Everything we know about Ed Westwick's new girlfriend, Amy Jackson


Jackson It seems that the performer of the role of Chuck Bass in "Gossip Girl" has found his ideal Blair.

Everything we know about Ed Westwick's new girlfriend, Amy Jackson

June 27 is Ed Westwick's birthday, best remembered for his iconic role as Chuck Bass in Gossip Girl. The talented actor (who turned 35 today) managed to stay forever in the hearts of the fans of the series, as his character is the brightest and most charismatic. We wish Ed happiness and many cool achievements!

However, Westwick was so lucky with the first point, because the actor is in a happy relationship. And no, now not with Tamara Francesconi . According to rumors, the actor has a new darling. Spoiler alert: She looks a bit like Blair. We'll talk about the new supposed girl of the sexy birthday boy today;)


Everything we know about Ed Westwick's new girlfriend, Amy Jackson

Ed had many relationships, just like his character. Many fans still can't forgive their favorite artist for not dating his Gossip Girl co-star Leighton Meester, as the two had great chemistry both on and off the show. If you are still shippering actors and think that you can’t find a better girlfriend for Leighton, then we are ready to dissuade you. Meet Amy Jackson , Ed's new girlfriend.

Rumors that Ed and Amy were dating appeared on the Web back in May, when the paparazzi caught the guys on a walk. In June, the couple seemingly "confirmed" their relationship by posting cute hugging selfies on their personal microblogs. And just recently, the lovers rested in Spain and did not miss the chance to share their mi-mi-bear photos.


Everything we know about Ed Westwick's new girlfriend, Amy Jackson Everything we know about Ed Westwick's new girlfriend, Amy Jackson

So who is this Amy Jackson?

Ema Louise Jackson is an English model and actress. Born in Douglas, the capital of the Isle of Man, on January 31, 1992, her zodiac sign is Aquarius. She spent her childhood in Liverpool, then moved to India for her acting career and lived there for 3 years. Now the actress lives in London

She started her modeling career at the age of 16. In 2009, she won the titles of "Miss Teen Liverpool", "Miss Teen Great Britain" and "Miss Teen World". The girl also appeared on the covers of cool magazines such as Vogue, ELLE, Marie Clare, Cosmopolitan.


Amy Jackson Social media, Amy Jackson

Amy began her acting career in 2010. Her first film is Madras My Love. For a long time, Amy starred in Indian films ("Blind", "Who is he?", "Revenge Virus").

In 2017, she made her American television debut as Saturngirl on the DC series Supergirl. Amy became the first Bollywood actress to take part in a superhero project.

Jackson is a regular participant in International Fashion Weeks, the British BAFTA Film Awards and the Cannes Film Festival.

Well, made sure that the girl really deserves the "role" of Ed's girlfriend? If not, then read on. Everything we know about Ed Westwick's new girlfriend, Amy Jackson Social media, Amy Jackson


Amy is an ambassador and spokesperson for Being Human and Cash Rocket charities, St. Jude Hospital Mumbai and Girl Child Education Program in India. In 2014, she took part in the PETA campaign, which is engaged in the adoption of animals from various shelters.

Some interesting facts about Amy:

  • the girl knows how to ride horses very well, since her mother is a riding instructor;
  • in 2019, she was engaged to the son of businessman Andreas Panayioto, George Panayioto;
  • On September 19, Amy and George's son Andreas was born;
  • wanted to study English, literature and philosophy at the university, but gave preference to an acting career and abandoned her studies;
  • For her roles in Indian films, Amy learned several languages ​​- Tamil, Hindi and Telugu. 


We know what you're thinking - is there anything Amy can't do? It seems that the girl has everything you could wish for - a model appearance, a perfect physique, cool talents, intelligence and a charming boyfriend!

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