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Eva Mendes and Ryan Gosling explained why they are raising their daughters without “gender pressure”


Eva Mendes and Ryan Gosling Eva Mendes spoke about her personal life and the fact that her daughters are homeschooled in different countries around the world. In a recent interview, the actress touched on the topic of how she and RYAN GOSLING are raising their girls. Now the couple is raising 6-year-old Amada and 8-year-old Esmeralda together. “ I don’t homeschool myself because I tried and it’s not one of my strengths ,” the actress admitted.

But 41-year-old Gosling said in an August interview that he is first and foremost a father. “ I'm a father first and foremost, and part of the reason for filming The Gray Man was the opportunity to go to these interesting places and be there with my children. You know, it's funny, we went to France and went everywhere. But if I ask them now: “What did you like most about France? They will answer: “The fruit plate at the hotel,” Ryan shared. And Eva noted that she has a strong belief in always trying to maintain integrity family no matter what you do, especially when the children are small.

“We're lucky to have someone we travel with who can continue our education at the moment, and we try to fit in as much as possible with the atmosphere of the city we're in,” she noted, explaining that so the family decided to homeschool while traveling as part of various projects involving Eva herself and, of course, Gosling. The children have now picked up the Australian accent since that's where the family spent the last month and a half. 

Eva Mendes also talked about raising children without pressure on gender roles. “ I hope this shows my girls that there are no gender roles to take on and that we are partners. It’s a daily team effort, so if they see how he and I change, doing certain things that, again, are not associated with stereotypes, I think it creates that same balance and harmony,” said the happy mother . Photo source: Gettyimages


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