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Enrique Iglesias for the first time frankly told about children from Anna Kournikova


Singer Enrique Iglesias and ex-tennis player Anna Kournikova rarely speak with journalists about their personal lives.

However, after the birth of the twins Lucy and Nicholas in December 2017, they became more open. In a new interview, Enrique Iglesias admitted that he is interested in only children and family now. “I like my new life. When I work at the studio, and the time comes to eight in the evening, I hurry home. I was more likely to see my wife, children, to find out what they were doing all day. I don’t care anything more at this moment, ”the singer said.

Iglesias also admitted that he is always trying to come up with new ways to make children laugh, because their smiles charge him for the whole day. He also speaks about his chosen one, Anna Kournikova, calling her cheerful and independent. “I used to have a lot of different girls, but it was all not serious,” the singer recalls.

In late August, the Spanish singer posted a video on his instagram, in which he was seen running around eight-month-old twins Lucy and Nicholas, trying to make them laugh.

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