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Egor Kreed responded to criticism of his acting skills



Egor Kreed made his acting debut in 2019 starring in the film (NOT) The Perfect Man. In the film directed by Marius Weisberg, the singer played a robot. But the actor's acting talents were not appreciated by everyone. The film received many critical responses from viewers. Egor is still remembered for his film debut. However, the leading actor himself approaches this question philosophically.

According to Kreed, Russian cinematography has a number of problems, which are recognized, including by eminent artists. “The problem with Russian cinema actors is that a lot does not depend on them. And from the people who make this movie. You play the only role, and there are many more roles, there is post-production. We talked with Sergei Bezrukov, he told me the same thing. It's like going for broke. You can do it, play it cool, but the film still may not turn out very well, ”said Kreed.


Trailer of the film "(NOT) The Ideal Man"

By the way, Marius Weisberg said that he invited Egor Kreed to star in his comedy on the advice of his wife, actress Natalia Bardo. “It was a great decision. In my opinion, this is an ideal role to debut in a big movie. The hero is incredibly textured, he "splashes and gushes" with energy - the dream of all women! " - the director shared. Egor himself said that in the film he did not play a role, but was himself. In addition, the singer noticed that while working on the film, he could not remember the words, because he spoke the text himself. “I'm the shittiest actor because I arrived an hour before the shot and ten minutes before the shot they gave me the text. I have a problem since childhood. I cannot memorize poems, "Egor admitted. Kreed noticed that there are many flaws in the film that he doesn't like. “But the story is good, it looks easy. I cried when I watched it for the first time, ”said Egor in the YouTube show of Karina Cross and Artur Babich. He also noted that he agreed to the offer to play in the film almost immediately.

Recall that despite the critical reviews, the comedy with Kreed showed good results in the early days of the rental. The film "(NOT) The Ideal Man" climbed to the eighth line in the ranking of the highest grossing starting results for domestic comedies. According to the results of the first weekend rental, the picture even overtook Klim Shipenko's "Kholop". “(NOT) The Ideal Man” raised 297.5 million rubles in four days, and “Kholop” - 230 million dollars.


Egor Kreed

Note that Egor has no professional acting education. The performer of the song “A Million Scarlet Roses” has been fond of music since early childhood. His mom did vocals, and dad played with friends in a band. Kreed always dreamed of becoming a musician and at the age of 11 he began to write his first poems. Egor's work is associated with songs about love experiences and relationships between people.

The artist began his solo career in 2011. Then he performed under the pseudonym KReeD. But real success came to Egor after he started working for the Black Star Inc. label, where he released two albums. In 2019, Kreed left the company and became an independent artist. At the beginning of this year, it became known that Egor is dating 19-year-old TikTok star Valya Karna.val, who starred in his video "Girl from the Picture". Now the lovers are resting together in Dubai.



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