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Egor Kreed first commented on his relationship with best friend of Kim Kardashian Carla DiBello

The relationship between Egor Kreed and Kim Kardashian's friend Carla DiBello has been discussed on the Web for several weeks. Egor regularly shares joint photos, and the girl puts on her Instagram photos of the gifts from the singer. Public interest has been further piqued by the fact that Carla flew to Moscow.

And Egor Kreed, finally, decided to comment on the relationship with the beauty. According to the performer, Carla is one of the few girls he very much respects. Also, the artist notes that he is attracted by a combination of mind and business sense of DeBello. By the way, it was Carla who came up with a reality show about the Kardashian family. Kreed called DiBello a very interesting conversationalist.

"We communicate with her, we are friends, she is a great conversationalist, she teaches me English and gives comments on life, it's cool when there are people who can teach you something. It's difficult to call this an affair, " - Egor said.

Fans of the singer are happy with this turn: they have repeatedly asked Egor to find himself a Russian girl.

In a rercent interview Egor said: "I have not met the very same. Now my heart is free. I had a relationship, but I can not say that I really loved someone. Generally, over time, you get tired of the frivolous affairs, I want to meet the one and only. It is important when you have a friend, not just a sexy doll. My girl must be sociable, purposeful, and certainly without bad habits".

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