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Dimash Kudaibergen posted a photo with a girl


The Kazakhstani performer shared on Instagram photos from Los Angeles, which depicted him with a young talented singer from Georgia, Nutsa Buzaladze, NUR.KZ reports. "A pleasant evening with a talented girl," the artist wrote. The photo with Dimash captured the beautiful Nutsa Buzaladze, who has excellent vocal skills. The girl was remembered for her bright performances at the New Wave 2014 contests in Jurmala, New Voice in Istanbul, participation in the Come on, all together! and the American Idol show.

The picture with Nutsa caused a strong reaction from the loyal fans of the Kazakh artist. “Golden reserve of the world stage! Since you feel good, then we are happy”, “Beautiful yet, everyone ran to her page?”, “Dear Dimash, this girl is the pride of Georgia, she is my compatriot, I am extremely glad that you met "," Wow, I love the photo of Dimash with spectacular and beautiful girls", "Oh, girls, girls! They don't even know how lucky they are", "You break hearts, we understand that this is just a job, but still we are a little jealous" , subscribers responded. Nutsa posted the same photos on her page and commented on them. "Golden heart, golden personality and golden voice of Dimash Kudaibergen," she wrote. 

Have a nice evening with a talented girl,” Dimash captioned this photo in English and tagged Nutsa’s account.

The pop stars met in Los Angeles, where Dimash lives and Nutsa, apparently, is visiting.

She, in turn, also posted this photo along with the text: Golden heart, golden personality and golden voice.

Fans of both the singer and the singer reacted violently to these photos in the comments.

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