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Dimash Kudaibergen: “Mom told me not to kiss”


Dimash delighted his fans by filming a new drama, where in one of the scenes we will see a kiss with an unknown actress. The official name of the picture is still unknown, as well as the release date, according to correspondent Aigerim Kudzhanova .

Experiencing a new stage in his career, the singer demonstrates his acting skills, presumably in the title role, continuing to win the hearts of fans. Previously, Dimash's partners on stage have already been a lot of beautiful girls. And the singer admits it.

“Say what mom said, don’t kiss?!” “We worked with many girls, I think there is nothing like that,” says Dimash in one of the videos circulating on the net.

Fans are looking forward to the release of the drama to see their favorite artist on the new stage. Dimash continues to delight them with his art, opening up new opportunities and offering unexpected creative solutions.


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