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Dimash Kudaibergen: “I almost never share my personal…”


The famous Kazakhstani performer Dimash Kudaibergen shared his thoughts about himself, his popularity and dreams, when he was not yet so famous, reports . Dimash Kudaibergen: “I almost never share my innermost…” A popular performer from Kazakhstan posted on his Instagram page a video from the lobby of a hotel in the city of Guangzhou, where he was greeted by crowds of fans.

Dimash Kudaibergen also wrote about what he thinks about his creative success and spoke about the difficulties of his character.

“Sometimes I wonder how many talented people there are in the world? In addition to my work, how did it happen that God gave me the opportunity to become an artist performing at large venues in the world? Am I doing my job well enough, considering that in my place, at the behest of Allah, there could be (no matter from which country) just a completely different singer (perhaps more talented than me), who has not yet found his way to the big stage?

I am 27 years old, literally 10 years ago I lived in a small but beloved city of Aktobe with a population of 400 thousand (western Kazakhstan) and dreamed of an international career, love of listeners, about all this that you see from my life since I am singer 2017.

My work and my person can be treated differently. Some people like my voice, some people don't, some people like my songs, some people think that I should write more understandable songs for a mass audience. Some people like me as a person, some don't.

I myself am a rather difficult person, because I do everything as I see fit.

In my career, I have never let anyone decide anything for me. The only people who can influence me when making any important decisions are my parents.

Glory to Allah for everything that happens in my life. I want to thank everyone for being heard.

I almost never share my secrets and refuse interviews almost always, since I am most likely an introvert.

But I am that introvert who loves and appreciates your attention. There will be good news soon. Love you!" — wrote Dimash Kudaibergen.

At the end of September, the famous Kazakhstani performer Dimash Kudaibergen announced that two years later he was returning to China to continue working in the world show business.

In early October, it became known that the performer took first place in the voting "100 most beautiful Asian people."

Later, Dimash announced that he was going to take part in a popular Chinese reality show, and on November 11, Dimash Kudaibergen appeared in a TV program dedicated to the famous Japanese singer , author of the popular composition Autumn Strong Koji Tamaki. In addition, the name of Dimash Kudaibergen appeared in the American Forbes .

At the end of November, it was reported that Dimash and Scryptonite were nominated for a Russian music award . By the way, a well-known Kazakh artist admitted in an interview that he was jealous and wanted his future wife to live in his parents' house.


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