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Dimash Kudaibergen hugged the famous blonde! What will the wife say?


Despite the fact that Dimash Kudaibergen has already given an interview in which he talked about his personal life and the qualities that his future wife should have, his intimate life is still a huge mystery for fans.

Many believe that the guy is dating Nursaule Aubakirova, a student at the directing department of the Astana University of Arts. However, some fans of Dimash are sure that Nursaule long ago changed the status of the famous musician’s “girlfriend” to the status of his wife.


I wonder how Nursaule reacts to photographs of his beloved with fans who hug the musician and kiss him on the cheek? But some even try to flirt with Dimash or quietly pinch him!

However, Dimash’s fans themselves react very jealously to new photographs of their idol in the arms of other women . For example, during the Victoria Music Awards , the musician took a photo with an unknown blonde.

More precisely, this is what the musician’s fans decided, who had already begun to discuss and vilify the girl when they realized that in the photo it was not a fan of Dimash, but the famous singer Yulia Mikhalchik , who also came to the Kremlin Palace for the award.



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