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Dima Bilan looks like young Johnny Depp

Dima Bilan looks like Johnny Depp. Fans found similarities between the singer and Jack Sparrow.

Yesterday Muz-TV award was held in Moscow, which, in addition to the distribution of the cherished "plates" in various categories, gave plenty of reasons to be discussed.

For example, the winner of two Awards, Dima Bilan, in the opinion of his fans, looked like a star of "Pirates of the Caribbean" Johnny Depp. However, a few people remember already how Depp looks like without a beard.

Bilan grew a beard for the movie "Hero", where he took part of Lieutenant Andrew Dolmatov, who lived in the time of the Romanov dynasty.

Now, shaving the beard, a mentor of show "The Voice. Children " looks much younger. At least subscribers of his Instagram discussed in details the latest photos of Bilan.

"… You grew young again without the beard! Stay in this way ","10 years younger "- wrote Dima’s loyal fans, adding: "You're now to relax, bring your physical and mental state in order. Take care of yourself, Dima!"

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