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Didn't run away! Nargiz Zakirova took her young husband abroad


In the spring, Nargiz Zakirova was banned from entering Russia for as much as 50 years because of her political stance. The artist decided to return to the United States, where she emigrated back in the 90s and where her relatives live. Fans were worried that the singer went alone, because the young husband Anton Lovyagin stopped appearing on her social networks. Nargiz Zakirova Nargiz Zakirova The former organizer of the singer's concerts, Sergei Lavrov, said that Nargiz left Anton Lovyagin to look after her pets in Moscow. According to the producer, the man has no chance to follow the chosen one in the United States, because the couple, as they say, have not yet married.

Rumors immediately spread around the Web that Zakirova simply broke up with Anton, who is 12 years younger than her. However, today the artist published a picture in which she poses in the company of loved ones. “My uncle Farrukh and husband Anton,” the star signed the frame, adding the hashtag #family.


Farrukh Zakirov is known to a wide audience as the soloist of the Yalla group. Farrukh Zakirov is known to a wide audience as the soloist of the Yalla group.

In the photo, 51-year-old Nargiz poses in a national Uzbek satin chapan, and Lovyagin dressed in a Chinese shirt. For what reason, the lovers decided to meet with a star relative, the singer did not disclose. Fans also note how good she looks next to Anton. “How beautiful you are,” subscribers write.

Recall that Nargiz has a number of unsuccessful marriages behind her. The first choice of the performer was the Uzbek composer and performer Ruslan Sharipov. The union was destroyed by the excessive love of a man. The singer learned about his adventures on the side, being in the last stages of pregnancy.

The second husband Yernur Kanaibekov turned out to be a domestic tyrant. He severely beat Zakirova and she had to run away with her small children. A truly happy star felt with Philip Balzano. However, the feelings did not pass the test of financial difficulties. They say that the third chosen one dragged the family into debt. In 2016, the couple broke up.

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