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Diana Vishneva talks about audition for “Matilda”

Danila Kozlovsky and Diana Vishneva on the set of "Matilda"

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Diana Vishneva: "It felt weird during auditions for the main role in "Matilda" 

Prima noted that she would definitely watch this film, "but probably not at the Mariinsky Theater". The main role in Alexei Uchitel's film "Matilda" left a weird feeling, the prima ballerina of the Mariinsky Theater, Diana Vishneva, who was invited to the screen test as a possible performer of the role of Matilda Kshesinskaya, told in an interview with TASS.

"In the early stages of the production of this film, Alexei Uchitel invited me and Danila Kozlovsky to take part in the auditions for Matilda and the future Czar Nicholas II," said the ballerina. She admitted that she "had a strange feeling of these auditions, of the situation on the set, and had not desire to continue" "Danila eventually played in this film a different part," - she said. Previously, the Mariinsky Theater, which participated in recording of the music of the film, announced that the official premiere of "Matilda" will be held within its walls. Diana Vishneva said that, of course, she will see this film, "but probably not at the Mariinsky Theater."

Danila Kozlovsky and Diana Vishneva on the set of "Matilda"

"The story with Matilda," she said, "is connected to me with the name of my old friend, the director of Lenfilm, Viktor Sokolov." He had been working for many years on the script of the film about Kshesinskaya, wanted to make a film. But it was the 1990s, these were hard times for Russian cinema and the director gradually began to work on the book. For many years I constantly talked with him about this ballerina. Unfortunately, Viktor Fedorovich passed away two years ago, but he finished his work, and I hope the book will already be released this year".

According to Diana Vishneva, she is always interested in movies about ballet, starting with the movie "Fuete" with Ekaterina Maksimova, memorable to her since school years. Films about the ballet, along with the performances, are included in the program created by the ballerina of the International Contemporary Choreography Festival CONTEXT. Diana Vishneva, which will be held for the fifth time on November 12-19 in Moscow and St. Petersburg. According to the prima, this year the film program of the festival will be dedicated to the embodiment of the ballet artist's image on the screen.

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