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Diana Arbenina first Shows New Photo of Bare Baby Bump


Today, the leader of the Night Snipers band is celebrating a joyful event - the children's birthday. Twins Artem and Marta were born exactly 12 years ago in one of the US clinics. In honor of the holiday, the star mother decided to share archival footage.

47-year-old Diana Arbenina posted a series of archival photographs. In the first photo, she is captured during pregnancy: with a baby bump and no makeup. The second frame already shows her children shortly after birth, and then as they look now. 

"Good morning Country! Here it is - the vector of the movement of life and the meaning of what the Lord created. 12 years is like 9 months. Martie & Artie! Keep going!" — she captioned the photo.


Becoming a mother, the singer became more feminine Becoming a mother, the singer became more feminine

Fans were quick to congratulate the idol on the happy occasion in the comments. “Happy birthday kids, Diana! With the most important and happy day for you! All the best to your family"; “Let them have a happy life, which will be full of happiness, good friends, cool moments, interesting hobbies, new knowledge, love from loved ones, let everything succeed as you want. Already so big, but in our memory there are still small children, ”the netizens wish.

Recall that Diana still hides the identity of the father of the heirs. According to rumors, the man lives abroad and is presumably American. The origin of the chosen one, some explain the decision of the star to give birth in the United States. However, their relationship was fleeting. The separation took place on a peaceful note, but the children are not yet familiar with the parent. By the way, fans note: after the birth of Marta and Artem, the artist has changed. She began to look more feminine and younger. The performer even changed her image, more and more often comes out in dresses. “


The heirs of the artist grow up surrounded by love 


Fans were touched by the footage of newborns Photo: Legion-Media, Instagram

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