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Deva Cassel announced a relationship with an Italian actor



Deva Cassel has unveiled the name of her lover. He turned out to be 24-year-old Italian actor Saul Nanni.

However, for many, the romance between the model and the actor was no secret. The fact is that back in the first half of October, Nanni published a joint photo with Deva on social networks, in which he kissed the girl on the neck, so rumors about a celebrity romance have spread since then. Deva only confirmed them by posting new photos with Saul on her Instagram with the caption: “It’s true.”


Deva Cassel and Saul Nanni

Among others, the girl’s publication was liked by her star parents: Monica Bellucci and Vincent Cassel, who, by the way, are also actively establishing their personal lives. Cassel is now dating Australian model Narah Baptista, whom many consider similar to the actor's ex-wife Tina Kunakey. And Monica Bellucci recently appeared with her new lover, director Tim Burton.

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