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Desperate Victoria Bonya stopped hiding her face


The participant of “House-2” met with friends

Victoria Bonya does not hide her feelings. The fact is that fans are actively discussing her problems with her face. The woman underwent plastic surgery, after which she changed beyond recognition. The desperate blogger decided to show herself to her friends.


Photo: frame from video, social networks

Victoria Bonya faced a wave of negativity after plastic surgery. The public, seeing the blogger’s nose, decided that she had shortened it. Some even recalled in this regard the sad story of Andrei Arshavin's ex-wife , whose nose rotted. As you know, Alisa Kazmina’s health problems also began after an unsuccessful attempt to improve her appearance, which ultimately resulted in irreversible consequences. At first Bonya fought off the attacks as best she could. She reported that the desired effect from 14-hour plastic surgery will be noticeable only after a year - when the tissues have completely healed and the swelling has subsided. That’s why she decided not to show her face anymore, even in parts, until she turns into a beautiful woman.


Photo: frame from video, social networks

At first, the Dom-2 participant really only showed her hands. But the other day she came out of the shadows. And all for the sake of friends. She showed them her face after plastic surgery. They reacted to the result of the transformation differently than Bonya imagined. The friends laughed nervously, and then asked hopefully: “Will this all change even a little bit?” »


Photo: frame from video, social networks

Another friend, seeing the transformation of 43-year-old Vika, compared her to Instasamka . This reaction scares the blogger.

“In short, this is starting to stress me out! Not the reaction I expected, to be honest... The reaction of my friends is so different every time that I don’t know whether to rejoice or cry ,” said Bonya.

It is worth noting that Victoria has gone under the surgeon’s knife before. She has undergone several plastic surgeries over the past couple of years. But at that time Bonya was actively selling gymnastics courses for the face.

Main photo : Global Look Press

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