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Demi Moore's new face: plastic or makeup?



Demi Moore ceased to be interesting to news outlets after her divorce from Ashton Kutcher. And at the recent Fendi show, the actress's face literally stole all the attention from the debut collection of the new creative director of the house - Kim Jones. We figure out what she did with it.

"Demi Moore's best friends are implants," joke the editors of the yellow Internet editions. And they have been joking for years. Demi is one of those classic Hollywood stars who are accused of excessive plasticity so often that they are no longer associated with anything else.

But recently we once again realized a simple truth: everything is cognized by comparison. And the previous results of Demi's operations in the form of new breasts, nose, buttocks, eyelids and facial contours were, in general, pretty. Yes, before the actress simply harmonized the face and body, albeit quite fanatically. She looked decent by Hollywood standards. And now a normal cosmetologist and surgeon, most likely, have left the chat or something terrible has happened. Something surprised and upset even dermatocosmetologist Yulia Shcherbatova, about which she wrote in her Telegram channel:

“If this is not makeup (and I want to hope until the last that it’s him), then, most likely, threads. Thread lift is sometimes used to make the cheekbones more defined, but, as you can see, this idea is not the best. I confess that I myself did this once, during training. And this was the first and last time.

In addition to the strange line that pulled the lips with it, I also see skin rejuvenation. Of course, Demi looks after herself, visits a beautician, most likely, does hardware collagen-stimulating procedures, and that's great. But the facelift was unnecessary. I really liked how harmonious Demi looked at 58 years old, and I am upset as if this is my patient. I also want to add that all these angles of the jaw, fox eyes, bizarre lips and cheekbones from Instagram - all this is not related to health and beauty. This is not cosmetology. Cosmetology in the modern sense works to harmonize the face using physiological methods. With the use of devices and preparations that stimulate collagen, moisturize and generally heal the skin.



" And we sincerely do not want to believe our eyes. But, unfortunately or fortunately, the capabilities of make-up artists are slightly overestimated. If we are talking about cinema, where roughness can be corrected with correct post-production, make-up artists, of course, are almost omnipotent. But with shows, everything is not so simple, explains the make-up artist and organizer of the Makeupdays beauty festival Luba Oderova:

“It doesn't look like professional makeup. If there were some overlays that are typical for cinematic make-up, no makeup would cover the border so perfectly in catwalk lighting. When you need to change the face so much, they usually create a solid mask from the face cast. But the border of the mask usually extends to the neck, for more believability. Immediately we see that the neck looks normal. Plus, most often with such masks, the shoulders are left closed, because otherwise the transition boundaries will be noticeable.

I would rather assume that professional makeup was used here. For example, such sharp cheekbones can be painted with alcohol paints, which usually depict various skin changes - bruises, for example. It is impossible to paint the same bruise with shadows, because any lighting will light up its unnaturalness, but alcohol paints give a very naturalistic effect. And they go well with regular makeup. ”


Fendi Spring-Summer 2021 Show

Given Demi's really close relationship with plastic surgery, we couldn't help but get the expert's opinion. Kirill Sergeevich Blokhin, a maxillofacial and plastic surgeon, agreed to express it:

“Since this is a show and Demi posted a photo“ before ”on Instagram, I think there can be no talk of operations. My foreign colleagues are in solidarity with me that, most likely, this is a professional typed make-up.

If we imagine that there were operations, such an effect will be given by the removal of Bish's lumps and plastic of the oral mucosa. In the comments to the posts about Demi, I see the question “What went wrong?”, Probably addressed to her surgeon. I'll answer for him: in Hollywood something can't go wrong. There is a very high level of plastic surgery.

And if such things happen to famous women who have the financial ability to have an operation with the best doctor, then, most likely, this is exactly what they wanted. This is what they think is beautiful. And then we are already dealing with dysmorphophobia - a mental disorder in which a person remains dissatisfied with his appearance, no matter how he corrects it. But I'm still inclined to believe that this is makeup. "


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In general, there are a lot of assumptions, but we will find out the truth soon: today at 23:00 Moscow time, Demi will become a guest of Naomi Campbell's YouTube broadcast. With a new face or an old one - place your bets.

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