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Dated Egor Kreed, refused Ronaldo. Who is the new alleged girlfriend of Alexander Kokorin, Viki Odintcova?



At the end of last year, the ex-girlfriend of Alexander Kokorin, Daria Valitova, officially confirmed the breakup of their relationship. Now the popular Instagram model Vika Odintcova is rumored to be dating the footballer.

At first, several telegram channels writing about a glamorous life at once found a photo of man’s hand on Odintcova’s instagram - the rings on it strongly resembled those worn by Kokorin. And a little later, the girl posted a picture with a man whom Viki's followers recognized as Kokorin. Agree: the back of the head of the mysterious macho is very similar to the back of Sasha's head. 

Adrenaline photo shoot in Dubai: dangling from a skyscraper without insurance

In 2017, Odintcova (then already a Playboy model) took part in extreme filming on the roof of a 300-meter skyscraper in Dubai. Even the mere sight of these photos is breathtaking:



“This experiment amazed everyone, my phone was just bursting with calls and SMS messages. I wanted to look fear in the eye, so I did this. This is one of the tallest towers in Dubai, it is as much as 100 floors. There was no insurance, my friend and comrade held my hand tightly, so I relied only on him, ”Vicki said about those shootings.

Dated Egor Kreed

In 2016, Vika had a brief romance with the popular singer Egor Kreed: they started dating after the girl starred in the musician's music video called "I like it."

“Egor and I did not hide our relationship, we walked together, rested, I went to concerts with him. But I just wanted to keep it to myself. We dated for about five months. I felt good with him. I needed a man, not his glory, ”admitted Odintcova.

Despite the fact that the couple broke up a long time ago, the relationship between Egor and Vika is still of interest to the public and is becoming the subject of discussion. But Odintcova herself doesn’t care anymore: “So many years have passed, but they don’t stop asking about Egor. It's been so long ago that it's not even interesting."


Rejected Cristiano Ronaldo!

In an interview with Karen Adamyan's Macarena YouTube blog, the Kokorin's alleged girlfriend said that she once blow Cristiano Ronaldo off:

“Ronaldo "liked" me and even wrote to direct a few years ago – “hello, how are you.” I deleted the message and didn't reply. It seems to me that he sends the same messages to everyone, and then whoever responds - ok, let's have an affair. But I'm not interested. He reached out to hundred girls - let someone take the bait. Of course, everyone is hit on him, but I didn’t fall for it. And I also know the girls to whom he wrote. It has been long time ago".



Odintcova is friends with Hamilton

Again, only according to her. To believe a girl or not - everyone decides for himself.

“Lewis and I became friends three or four years ago, I communicate with him, keep in touch, we have an excellent relationship. We call each other, congratulate each other on the holidays - no more, no less. We had different communication, at some point it was more romantic.

Did he court me? Well, yes. But then it so happened that we just started to be friends. Now he is just a very good friend, and this is the maximum that I can say, ”Vicki reported to the PeopleTalk YouTube channel in 2020. 

Fear of getting pregnant after a miscarriage

The most serious relationship in the life of Odintcova lasted about three years. Then she and her unnamed chosen one planned to start a family: Viki became pregnant, but in the tenth week she had a miscarriage. This seriously hit the girl's psyche - now she is afraid that she will not be able to have children:

“It happened, but not through my fault, it’s just God’s order. When this happened, everyone was in great shock. We broke up with the boyfriend, but not because of this, we just started looking in different directions, the roads diverged. I still have a fear that I will never get pregnant again.”


Bonus: photo of Vika Odintcova before plastic surgery

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